Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 25’

Components Toggle details

    • Acoustand Tonearm pods x2
    • SME M10 tonearms x2
    • SME Model 10 x2
    Two SME 10 turntables
    • SME Series V
    • Ortofon Kontrapunkt C
    • SME Series IV
    • Soundsmith Sussurro Mk. 2
    • Degritter mkI
    • Grado Statement 3
    • Nagaoka MP-500
    • Quad 24p phono stage
    • Ortofon MC Cadenza Mono
    • Loricraft Audio PRC-4 Deluxe
    • Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
    • Ayre Acoustics C5-xe
    • Benz Micro Ruby 3
    • Benz Micro Wood H2
    • Quad II/forty monoblocks
    • Quad ESL-2905
    • Atlas Cables Navigator ac interconnects
    • Monster M2Sigma speaker cables
    • Benz Micro LP-S
    • Sennheiser HD-650
    • Musical Fidelity X-Can v3
    • Decca London Reference
    • Quad QC-24 pre-amp

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Yes, the silly fake Impala head was left there by the South Africans who sold us this house, and we haven't taken it down yet! We are in Nova Scotia, very close to the border with New Brunswick.


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Pretty spectacular pictures 
Leica quality !

The house , I assume is tucked back in the pond in the one photo? 

My first guess , with the mount, in hifi room 
Was South Africa , along with the English gentleman components 

The pictures & notes have you right here in us 

One of My audio buddy’s has the camera addiction like you do to 

Spectacular photos , you are a lucky guy 
Really, not just saying that 



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The strange thing is that I stopped a photographed this house two or three years before we bought it.


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Lol, I was reading posts this morning on audiogon 
Your “ sitting in the flowers “ analogy(s) was a classic 

Your room has me wondering , how , is the outside view to go with it. 

My analog buddy had his favorite cartridge retipped, by soundsmith and is very happy 

Never heard a decca 



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Fills it perfectly, thank you! And as for favourites: the London Decca Reference on the Series V for sure, though for stereo the Soundsmith Sussurro MkII ES on the Series IV comes second (I keep the London Decca Jubilee in reserve for when the Reference goes for a re-tip).



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Magnificent setup
The log cabin & high ceiling !!

So, The question for analog guys 

What cartridge & arm is your favorite ? 
SME 10 is a great turntable 

The quad setup …
Will it fill the huge room ?



Cool system dog and nice tables but would love to see your Quad speakers also!


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