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    • AudioQuest MacKenzie XLR
    PreAmp to Amp
    • PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp
    • OPPO BDP-95
    • PS Audio BHK 250
    • VPI Industries Signature Prime
    10” Fatboy Unipivot
    Ortofon 2M black
    Ortofon Cadenza - fried by static charge :-(
    • PS Audio Stellar Phono Pre
    • PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC
    Used for DAC only right now
    • REL Acoustics T/7i (2)
    • PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3
    • iFi Audio zen streamer
    • Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand

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Lean ass speakers like u. Change it else ur living in virtual world thinking u have worldclass


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Thanks.  The soundstage is pretty good, width wise especially.  I would like to achieve more depth.

PS Audio has the class D amps (I have the M700’s in my office system), but also some very fine class A/B with tube buffers like the 250.  They just released a little while back some very large Monoblocks the BHK 600’s to extend their line above the BHK 300’s.  


What an amp. I never knew PS Audio made a beast like that. I think they're all class D amplification now.


Nice set up. I'll bet it throws an amazing soundstage.


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