Amp is "temporary" but sounds great.  I'll probably never sell it although it's replacement will cost 2 orders of magnitude more.  Decware SE84EVO.  This was Steve Deckert's original masterpiece that he tries to capture in every amp he builds.  I bought it out of curiosity and sold my other 2 decware amps, both much more expensive.  Let me know if you want to hear more about it.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 22’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Innuos Zenith MK3
    Streamer.   Extremely clean and accurate.  Works with roon.
    • Townsend Audio Co. Townshend Seismic Podium
    Springs are the only way to isolate your speakers from the floor.  Townshend does the physics behind it to select the right spring constant for the mass of your speakers.  

    If you can't cut loose of enough cash to buy them and want to make your own, make sure the spring are in the middle of their extension range when loaded and you'll be close.
    • Analog Cables and interconnects self made
    Self made using quality components.  Power cables are minimum 10 awg for amps and  high power components.  12 awg for low power components.  

    Interconnects are generally KLEI low mass.  speaker cables are woven 10 awg.  Speaker connectors are low mass BFA and attach to self made low mass speaker binding posts on the back of the crossover.  

    Cables from the crossover are all Duelund DCA and use Neutrik commercial power connectors (see photo).  
    • Chord Dave DAC
    The heard of any digital system is the DAC.  Go big or go home.
    • AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet Cable
    All digital cables are silver plated.  I use audioquest vodka between the switch and the streamer. Pretty much all Audioquest.  All I ask for is a good silver plating and good construction.

    Digital is just 1's and 0's.  The key is to not lose any more than you have to.  Streamers can't use error free FTP.
    • Chord M Scaler M-scaler
    Excellent addition and a great way to test your internet.  If you are dropping bits (which most people are) the M-scaler will make it sound worse rather than better.  Get an M-scaler and you will abandon trying to make wifi work.
    • Tekton Design Encore
    Significantly upgraded. Tweeters replace with Be by SB acoustics.  

    Crossovers removed and discarded.  Replica built external (walnut boxes on the rack) using Duelund, Mundorf, Jensen foil inductors, path resistors.  

    all wiring in speakers was upgraded to Duelund DCA .  16 for the mids and tweeter, 12 for the bass drivers.

    The difference is amazing.  even expensive speakers skimp on crossover components.  This is what gives the best speakers the open airiness and extreme accuracy.  Pull back the curtain in front of your speakers.
    • Farad Super 3
    Both DAVE and M-scaler are powered by external Farad power supplies.  (stack of blue dots in photo).
    • PS Audio P10
    Older PS audio regenerator that weights 85 lbs and handles any load, dynamic and never limits the amp.  Even Paul said in an interview that the older copper-based model is slightly better to supply your amp.
    • UpTone Audio EtherRegen
    Gen 1.  definitely makes a significant difference but you probably won't notice it if you haven't upgraded the rest of your digitlal system.
    • Denon avr-x3700W
    Reliable and adequate AV reciever.  I'm mostly a 2 channel guy but I enjoy about 3 or 4 good movies a year.  Unfortunetely I probably watch 30 movies a year.   Pre-out to the main 2 channel amp drives the main speakers and I find the pre on the Denon pretty darn good.  

    Center speaker is Salk, rears are Tekton Electron SE, surrounds are ML 15is on stands.  

    the Denon allows easy manual balancing of the speakers for your listening position or has a microphone you can set up for auto levels.

Comments 8

I wouldn't say that the M scaler is needed, but it does a function that the DAC does not.   You need a good streamer and internet source to appreciat the M-scaler.  Garbage in, garbage out.  When I first got the M-scaler, it degraded the sound rather than improving it.   When you are dropping bits and losing detail, upscaling to higher resolution just makes it easier to hear.   Now with the hard wired internet, audiophile switch, and Innuos streamer, it definitely gives DAVE  better raw materials to work with.  

thanks for your comment.


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Confused about the M scale being needed on top of the Dave?


Interesting display. I am very impressed by your audio work and somehow envious. Nothing I have ever sank my teeth into. Enjoying the fruits of your work in audio has to be the ultimate satisfaction. My contribution to my enjoyment of audio was mainly in the building of the house of stereo, the foundation of my system. After that, I just buy ready made equipment. Enjoy!


Amp is temporary because I have a custom amp being built which is very special.  But I just sold a 300b and a Decware ZMA, I have a 6c33c amp for sale and got rid of all my solid state amps.  The little Decware SE84 was the amp that made Steve Deckert famous and it is a giant killer.  Of cousre I have 20x the amp's cost invested upstream of it and 3x the amps value in just crossover upgrades for the speakers.  

The custom amp is almost done and I have heard it in "breadboard" construction and it is amazing.  Output tubes are AD1.  Power supply and amplifier circuit are next level.



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Yes interested in hearing more. Are you saying the decware plays the tektons sonic bliss? Maybe I'm confused by the post but definitly a nice system.


Yes, I made the boxes myself from walnut planks.  I grew up in MO and am fond of the walnut that grows there.

Simple design box made with just a table saw (with a good blade and fence).



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Nice work, did you build the crossover boxes Jerry.


Nice looking system Jerry and great job upgrading your speakers.


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