Made a few changes...
Replaced the Bryston Amp with a Cary CAD-120s 60/120 W Tube Amp.
Replaced the bookshelf speakers with the Usher V-604 Towers.

Three Turntables. complete up to the common Levinson 38s preamp.

1. Koetsu RS with an outboard pod using a Micro Seiki MA-505L arm, 10x Transformer, Phono Preamp stage of a Paragon System E. Technics SL-1200G table.
2. Shelter 901 MK III with the stock SL-1200G arm, Musical Surroundings Nova III phono preamp.
3. Grace F9L on a Denon DP-57L, stock arm. Apt Model 2 preamp as the phono pre.

I'm liking the change to the Cary tube amp and especially the Usher speakers. The sibilance I've had is totally gone.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Grace Grace F9E (SS stylus)
    • Shelter 901 III
    • DIY SUt with Cinemag 1254 Transformer
    • Denon DL-57L table
    • Technics SL-1200G Table
    • Koetsu Rosewood Signature
    • Paragon System E tube preamp used as a phono pre only
    • Mark Levinson No 38s Preamp
    • dbx 1231 Graphic Equalizer
    • Rane Crossover
    • HSU ULS-15 Subwoofer
    • Musical Surroundings Nova III
    • Ral Traps Absorbers and diffusers
    black panels for absorbing 100-500Hz. Located behind the speakers and the listener.
    • Bryston BDA-3 D/A
    • Oppo BDP-105
    • Cary Audio Design CAD-120s MK II
    • Acoustand Pod
    This pod allows a second arm to be used on a turntable. I'm using this pod for the Micro Seiki MA-505L arm.
    • Usher V-604 Tower Speakers

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Jeff, I'm still searching but I really enjoy the Koetsu RS on the SL-1200G using a Micro Seiki MA-505L tonearm mounted outboard the table. Presently I'm using a DIY SUT with th Cinemags and the Paragon System E tube preamp as the phono preamp. About as sweet as one can get.


The Sansui tuner is the TU-X1, arguably the best tuner Sansui ever made and one of the greatest tuners all time. I have also repaired the Sansui TU-919, 717, and 9900 as well as Kenwoods and other brands.. All Sansui tuners are wonderful tuners. I've learned how to repair and align, so I can keep the tuner in top shape. Every tuner in the Sansui line will meet or exceed the specs if they are properly aligned. And they stay aligned. The Kenwoods have a lot of adjustments and can perform better than the Sansuis, but the adjustments are temperature sensitive and will drift after a short while.
Alas, there are no good stations in this rural location in the Sierra foothills in CA. I've got a high gain rotary antenna on the roof from which I can get great signal from a tower about 100 miles away that broadcasts classical all day. Local stations are mostly country, religious or Spanish speaking. Not my cuppa.


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We’ll done , 
Any preferences for tables, arms & cartridges?



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I like that you are using equalization. I do mine in the digital realm, but I don't know that is any better. So many rooms are problematic, and so many records are poorly recorded. I think it is worth making some adjustments to reel them in on occasion.

More importantly, please tell me about your tuner. Which Sansui is that, and what do you have for good stations near your house?


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