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Potential future updates:
Innuos Pulsar, Hana umami red, Triode Wire Labs full wire outfit (in progress)

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Michell Engineering Orbe SE
    Limited black/gold
    with Dustcover
    • Graham Engineering 2.2 Tonearm
    Prosper Cables Canare LV-77s RCA Interconnect + ground
    • Hana ML
    • ModWright PH 9.0XT
    Modwright PH9.0X - 'T' power supply upgrade (4/24)
    Modwright PH9.0/X/T Reference Umbilical Cable
    NOS Amperex 6DJ8 White Globe
    NOS Reflektor 6C45
    NOS Philips 5R4GYS
    DH Labs Red Wave Signature Power Cord
    Prosper Cables Canare LV-77s RCA Interconnect
    • Innuos Zen MK3
    iFi Lan Silencer
    • Allnic Audio D5000 DHT DAC
    Avanti Audio Allegro RCA interconnect 1m
    • Aric Audio Super 6SN7 Linestage
    Current & Preferred:
    Linlai Elite E-6SN7 (x2)
    NOS RCA 5U4G (x1)

    NOS Sylvania JAN 6SN7GT VT-231 2 Hole Bad Boy, Black Plates (x2)
    NOS RCA JAN 5692 6SN7 Red Base (x2)

    • Aric Audio Super 2A3 SET
    EML 2a3-S Meshplate
    NOS RCA 5691 Red Base (x1)
    NOS RCA 5U4G (x2)
    NOS Sylvania JAN 6SN7GT VT-231 2 Hole Bad Boy, Black Plates (x1)
    • Coherent Audio GR 18 (Speakers)
    Santos Rosewood veneer
    • Saturn Audio 103c mkII
    Power Filter
    • Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cables
    • Triode Wire Labs Passion USB
    • Custom Audio Rack
    Evan Williams @ Woodseer Building - Portland, OR. Solid walnut.

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Replaced Furman Elite 15PFI with Saturn Audio 103c mkII power filter. As skeptical as I am about power filters and such, I noticed an immediate improvement, especially with handling vocal sibilance. It also improved background 'blackness' for me. This includes having my amplifier plugged into it directly versus to the wall.


Quick update:
1. Replaced photo of MW PH9.0XT now that I got the power supply back.
2. Picked up the TWL USB cable
3. TWL Speaker cable won my shootout vs. Mapleshade Double Helix Plus, so have decided to keep them.


@milpai Interesting. Just any outlet on a conditioner works? That's a bit strange. I've heard great things about it, but I have to admit I am skeptical with how it is doing anything. I suppose it's just something you have to try and see if you hear any difference or not!


The way Puron has worked for most folks, is to plug it directly in the conditioner. That way it would not waste an outlet. But in my case, I have plugged it into the outlet that the conditioner is plugged into. I was anyways not using that extra outlet for any other component. And I do have 2 dedicated 20amp lines (4 outlets).
But I hope you are able to give the Puron a shot. I resisted it for the longest time. But once I tried, there was no going back.


@milpai Thanks - I've seen mentions of that before and found it interesting. Does it "waste" an outlet, or can something be plugged into it? Just curious because I have two outlets - one for my conditioner and one for my amp directly - and that is it, so I don't really have spare outlets to stick it in!

@scar972 Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. While my first priority isn't appearance of gear - sticking to a strict black chassis preference (or wood) has helped keep everything cohesive, which is important to me!


Beautiful system mate, congrats! The wood and component colors really complimented each other well.


If tweaks is what you need, then you have to try the Puron filter that @verafiaudio sells. It is simply amazing what it does in my system. They have a 30-day trial. I am sure you will not return it.


@milpai Thanks! I do dabble in photography a bit on the side. I'm pretty happy with how everything has come together, and now I am mostly down to tweaks.


You indeed go a very good job with photography. Has to be your second hobby. System is looking great.
Congratulations on the new rack!


- received my new equipment rack
- swapped out the denafrips pontus/iris combo for an Allnic D-5000 DAC
- sent my power supply back to Modwright for the 'T' upgrade (tube rectifier install) + the reference umbilical cable they offer (in progress)
- demoing 2 speaker cable options: Triode Wire Labs & Mapleshade double helix v.2 plus

Photos updated


@subterranean6 Thanks! I just got my new rack in (and posted the updated photos). Aric makes fabulous products at very accessible price points given the quality. It's no wonder he has a pretty long waiting list now!

The speakers are by Coherent Audio, which is really just one person - Frank - in Canada. He hand makes all of his speakers himself and these are the top of his line are far as single box speakers go. He recently developed a modular speaker that is considerably more expensive. What drew me to these is that they are very high efficiency (advertised at 104db @ 8 ohm) and I wanted to be able to use SET amplification, which really needs high efficiency speakers to shine. I came from Tannoy speakers, which I loved for the longest, but I wasn't too too impressed with the GR line models below the Kensington, and the Fyne audio models I like are all very pricey.

Anywho. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


Woah! Cool setup. Fellow Aric Audio owner (mm phono, which is amazing), and wow those speakers! Don't know the brand but I'm interested in what I call 'broad-shouldered' speakers, often with coaxial designs (Zu, Heretic, etc). Anyways I bet that rig sounds incredible.


The wide angle lens did add a good character the pics. Well done. And I think placing equipment against the widest wall is preferred. But most don't do it including me :-)


@alexberger Thanks! I absolutely love them.

Starting with build quality - Frank did a super job with them. They are gorgeous in person. I went with Santos Rosewood for the veneer choice after a lot of deliberation, and I am glad that I did! The 18s are large (naturally, since the driver is 18" in diameter!), but this driver is fabulous. The bass extension on them is really nice.

Paired with the SET amp from Aric, they sound fantastic. Since they are such high efficiency, I don't need to turn the volume up very high - between 30-40 on the volume setting on the pre-amp - to get quite loud sound.

Coming from using Tannoys for the last decade, the idea is similar with these coaxial drivers. Imaging and soundstage is wonderful. Midrange and vocals are fantastic. When I swapped out my speaker cables for some mapleshades, I got a lot more air around vocals and an even wider soundstage.

The fact that everything sounds this good in a less than ideal room setup has me very excited for when I get them into a more cooperative room later in the year - and then in a few years down the line I will have a dedicated room that I can add sound treatment to that will improve it even further. Don't plan on doing any more major upgrades until I get to the point of a dedicated room now.


@toro3 I did! I was out of town on business for a few weeks right after they all arrived, so I've just been able to get settled in and listen for quite a while so far to evaluate.

The coherents are stunning. The veneer choice I went with is fabulous in person and they look truly high end. Build quality is top notch. They are quite large (and heavy) speakers! The amp and pre-amp from Aric are also beautiful, well-constructed, and a bargain, in my opinion. For both pieces of equipment including tube outfits and shipping, it was under $10k!

So far, I am loving the setup! With my vinyl front end, it sounds like a dream! With the digital front end, there was a definite huge improvement versus my previous system, but I may need to re-evaluate DAC options at a later date, but unsure. Digital mastering is weird and all over the place - even on Qobuz - so some songs sound incredible, others not so great. Probably more of a file issue rather than a DAC issue though. Majority of my listening is vinyl anyway.

When I swapped to some mapleshade double helix plus cables that a friend sent me to try, it was like a veil was lifted off the sound and everything became clearer and more airy. I was shocked, frankly. I love the sound from these speaker...wires when paired with my system, but boy are they ugly and irritating to manage. It's like chicken wire, or trying to use a slinky as speaker cables. Ultimately, it's about the sound though, so I may end up going with them!

Overall, I am very pleased with the choices I made, and now it will just be tweaking with cable choices or trying different tubes. Looking forward to getting my new rack in to clean everything up as well!


My congratulation with new Coherent 18!
What is a first impression from the speakers?


Oh wow, you finally received the Aric Audio amp and preamp, as well as the Coherents. I would consider this end-game. I’m sure everything is settling in, but how do you feel about the synergy so far? Stunning, happy for you, and extremely jealous - contemplating giving plasma to help save for those Coherents!


@milpai Thanks! It's still a bit of a mess at the moment while I wait on my new rack to be built, so everything is a bit more spread out than it will be once it's racked. Had to use wide angle to try to get everything in the shot!

This wall is the longest uninterrupted wall in the room. The others are broken by doors and whatnot. It's not an ideal space, but it's also temporary since I'm waiting on a home build to be completed later this year. Unfortunately, I won't have a dedicated room there for the time being either, but it will be a lot more suitable versus right in front of a wall of windows.


Reminds me of the term "modern classic". Pretty nice setup and a different perspective on photography. I like it. Have you placed the system along the long wall?


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