This is my "B" system. The components are good  (most all purchased used) and sounds good + but not great as the room needs and will get serious treatment. Room 20x30x12.5 feet.

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    • LUMIN Lumin AMP
    Found used on Agon
    • LUMIN X1
    Found used on Agon
    • Cardas Audio Clear Beyond XLR
    For Lumin AMP to Lumin X1...found on AGon.
    • Klipsch Klipschorn AK6
    Found new/used on Agon! Wee Ha
    • Network Acoustics Muon
    Muon and muon cable. Instant results.
    • English Electric 8Switch Ethernet Switch
    • Entreq Ground box w/ cable
    • Townsend Audio Co. Seismic Corners
    Big Room.. no vibrating the equipment. Yes they help. YES
    • UpTone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply
    For switch
    • Puritan Audio Labs PSM 156
    In my other system I have a Niagara 7000. I compared the PSM 156 and could hear no difference. YMMV but....

    In the wall with their own 20AMP circut
    • Kinki Studio Earth Speaker Cables 4M
    These are silver plated OCC. With the Khorns a very good combo.
    • Audio Sensibility Signature <Lumin X1> Silver DC Cable

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On second look, too happy to be Amityville horror; the wall is smiling at me.


Hey Wsrrsw,
Beautiful collection of components. But I am looking at your picture named "the works", and I don't know, have you seen The Amityville Horror?