Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Pioneer PLX-1000
    Ortofon Black 2m cartridge
    • Western Electric Speaker Cable
    Vintage Western Electric Speaker Cable from a 1934 ERPI Mirror phonic theater sound system.
    • Cern Tube Phono Stereo Preamp
    All tube preamp
    Mullard CV2748 (GZ30) rectifier NOS
    Tung Sol 6SN7 1950 "Mouse Ear" NOS
    Tung Sol 6SL7GT Round Plates NOS
    (2) Sylvania JAN 6V6GT-GTYV NOS 
    • Western Electric Power Cable
    Vintage Western Electric KS.13385L-1 10ga cloth power cable
    1 on Odyssey Power Amplifier 
    1 on Aric Audio Preamp
    1 on Cern Phono Preamp
    • Audio Sensibility Statement Power Cable
    1 on AddPowr power conditioner
    • Aric Audio Unlimited
    All tube preamplifier 
    Telefunken GZ34/5AR4 rectifier (Mullard Manufactured 1960s NOS)
    (2) General Electric OD3 voltage regulators
    (2) RCA Clear Top 12AU7 NOS 
    • Odyssey Audio Khartago
    Khartago with upgraded power supply and internal wiring.
    • Divine Acoustics Proxima
    Proxima V3 in Snakewood
    • ADD-POWR Z Powerbar

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Thanks! They are both lesser known brands. Aric Audio makes badass tube gear and Divine Acoustics is a small Polish speaker and audio accessories company. 


Wow cool system and so much unique gear! I haven't heard of your preamp before or your speakers but both look super interesting!


A no frills system. Amazing sound in a smaller 12x13x8 room. Old beat up Everlast red leather boxing glove and candle lid "cable risers" one of a kind :).
In  the pics I'm using a pathetic Best Buy $15 Insignia power strip to feed the front end because I had a mishap with my power conditioner which is another story. Researching power conditioners now. Too many. Ridiculous lol.    


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