Evolving around the increasing monitor real estate.

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    • Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit DAC
    • Totem Acoustic Mite speakers
    • Totem Acoustic Mite Subwoofer
    • PrimaLuna Integrated Amplifier

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Thank you.


Nice portfolio. You seem like a well travelled man. Thanks for sharing the pics.


Lightroom. I have Photoshop… but seldom use it.

I think I have around 120,000 photos. I put a few up on Flickr.


Good to know that you are also into photography. Photoshop or Lightroom? Or completely different app? That water cooled server probably, has some killer spec (since it is water cooled). Have you streamed from this server? I am guessing it is not as good as the Aurender you have in the main system. Nevertheless, this seems like a fun system to me.


Perfect lil office system and nice looking office!


Thanks guys. The server is custom made. I forgot the chip (about three years old) … but it is water cooled, it has 14 tb of storage inside. I use it for photography and monitoring the market, well now that I am retired. I used to work (I was a Senior Director of IT for a global high-tech company, so that was 70+ hours a week. This system made going down and working after dinner or in the morning before work much easier. 

Earlier iterations, two 32” monitors, allowed closer placement of the speakers and the soundstage was very impressive. It is actually still pretty good, given the compromises. 


Very nice!  Would probably want to make me do more work!  Your main system is the bomb too.  Helped me to get where my system is today. Enjoy!


Very nice @ghdprentice 
Tell me more on that server - is it used for work OR music playback OR more? I am sure, that Totem combo sounds lovely.


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