Been upgrading a bunch the last year or so. Pretty much happy with this system.  Still limited by WAF but coming along. Cannot touch the room. The new speakers really do the job. Power cables and IC's middle of the road.

Room Details

Dimensions: 35’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Modwright KWH 225i
    Hybrid Integrated Amplifirr
    • Studio Electric M-5
    With their stands.
    • Isotek Signature Power Cable w 6 outlet strip
    With their cable
    • Esoteric X-05
    SACD player
    • Mitsubishi DA-F10
    Vintage Tuner with Terk antenna
    • Weiss Engineering DAC204
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Oval 9
    Speaker wire
    • Rega Rega RP6 Delrin Platter and Subplatter
    RB 900 arm rewired by BritAudio
    Kimber Kable Silver Interconnects
    MC cartridge next purchase
    • Innuos Mini Zen Plus Zen Plus
    Streamer CD ripper with upgraded LPS

Comments 2

I have the Studio Electric FSX and they are wonderful. Agree, Dave is super easy to work with. He even offered to come to my house to implement a custom mod.


Your cables and ICs are fine. Like the speakers not a fan of the silver grills though. Did hear M5 and they can fill the room. Well thought out system.


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