I started this more than 15 years ago with a pair of Martin Logan monoliths And krell Preamp power amp and CD player, then I. Switch sides to tubes with tim evans pre and power amps.  Avantgarde uno Then the Duo and eventually the trio. Am I tried bryston, KR ,mbls and then I went to audiopaxs, which sounded great with the adjustable tone.  But after 10 years I decided to maybe switch to this Ayon triton. I see so much rave reviews and it was a great step and frankly the price was less than the audiopax. I added a pair of REL carbon special subs as well with a 1000 watt class D Amp and it is an incredible transformation on overall performance. Obviously the bass response is. Incredible. Flat and deep, fast, musical and it actually made the overall sound shockingly better and even more realistic. Now the musicians are in my room and the Ayon amp did It's part in making this come true.then I Decided it would be a great edition to have a 150 inch screen. So the concert videos are even that much better with the sound of the system. And the new UST laser projectors is sitting on the floor behind the console. A foot away from the wall? Yet it projects an image of a 150 inch. Technology has come such a long way and I'm all the happier.

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    • Formovie Ust laser projector
    • Avantgarde Trio
    • MBL 6010D
    • Oracle DCD-1500 mkII
    • REL Acoustics Carbon special subs
    • Ayon Audio Triton Three Plus
    • B & o 9000
    • Cardas Audio Interconnect
    • Roksan Radius
    • Roksan Radius

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Ummm holy crap Terracat you sure do like big gear! I've always loved the industrial design of that big MBL preamp and that Ayon is one gorgeous space heater! And the Trio's are as much a work of art as they are a great speaker. And cool looking room to boot!


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