My audio system has become detrimental to my health, as all I want to do is sit on my rear end and listen to music the whole day through.  My audio system is relatively simplified compared to others.  My listening room, although smallish, is large enough for the speakers to open up just beautifully at all volume levels.  That's because the tremble and bass outputs on the Salons are adjustable and can be toned-down to accommodate smaller rooms.  The Salons are also down-firing, which allows for closer to the back wall room placement.  For my sized room, the extremely powerful and superb sounding Hegel H590 integrated amp does an excellent job of driving my relatively inefficient speakers.  Yes, I'm in Heaven, as my audio system is capable of transporting me to another musical dimension, LOl.  Happy Listening.

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    • Revel Salon 2 speakers
    • Hegel H590 Integrated Amp
    • Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty Streaming DAC
    • AudioQuest Hurricane High Current
    High Current Power Cable
    • Roon Nuceus Plus Music Server
    • JPS Labs Superconductor 3 Speaker Cables
    • Audioquest Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner
    • AudioQuest Firebird Source Power Cable
    • JPS Labs Aluminata Power Cable
    • Shunyata Research Sigma Ethernet Cables
    • Audioquest Thunderbird XLR Interconnects
    • iFi LAN iSilencer Ethernet Signal Purifier
    • Bybee Technologies Crystal Series Plug-In Speaker Bullets
    • Pakedge Devices Network Audio Switch
    • Puron Wall Outlet Plug-In AC Conditioner
    • Vibrapod Isolation Devices Feet & Cones
    Feet & Cones

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Very nice system! Yes, that is what is all about. Relaxation


Nice system. Yep, it is great when you don’t want to leave.


@ mitchellman  Over the years, I've done extensive experimentation with plugging my amps directly into the wall, or, directly into a power conditioner.  Long story short---I always plug my amps directly into a power conditioners.  You just have to make sure you're plugging your amp directly into the right power conditioner.  Happy listening.


@lefatshe How did that happen, Lol!!!?  I went on ahead and corrected my oversight.  Thanks for the heads-up.


LOL. You've listed all the wonderful time and money put into the equipment managing electrons and signals, and yet your list doesn't include the Revel Salon 2s -- your speakers.  You must love them so much they are becoming part of you; a direct connection to your ears.  Great system!


I was just curious if your Hegel is plugged into the Niagara power conditioner. If so, I think you might try plugging it directly into the wall. You may be surprised what a difference that will make in the sound.


That is the most orderly looking listening room I ever saw. It makes me think that listening rooms are like dogs, they resemble their owners. Right?
Your room is so sterile and simple looking, it got me thinking there must be something wrong with me! See my house of stereo. Joking aside, it's great that you love the sound you found.


Thank you.  I very much appreciate the compliment.  Happy listening.


Nice system and I bet it sounds awesome! I can relate to both having a small listening space and having a relatively simple audio system. Good to know that the Salons work in a smaller space. Listening to music for hours on end is great for your mental health!


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