I started in the headphone world 20 years ago with my first pair being the Sennheiser HD 600.

I eventually moved on to the Abyss TC 1266 and continued to upgrade the front end since the headphone scaled well. 

I eventually felt comfortable swapping in speakers and was instantly mesmorized.

Room Details

Dimensions: 31’ × 27’  X large
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Network Acoustics Tempus
    • Network Acoustics Muon Pro
    • Antipodes Audio Oladra
    • Playback Designs MPS-X
    • Playback Designs MPD-8
    • Jeff Rowland 555
    • Focal Scala Utopia EVO
    • REL Acoustics No.31

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It is only 15 min away and I go to this place 3 to 4 times a week so I just listen whenever I am there, aka during work as a break, after work, before work etc 

My home gas a secondary smaller so so system. 


Ah, that's interesting. How far is the warehouse from your home? When do you listen to music? I am guessing, if it is a bit away, then you really have to plan your listening sessions.
Please do post new pics when you get the diffusers. I have seen pics of systems in a barn on the property. But this is something different. The big advantage you have is the BIG space itself. I am sure you have a cavernous (in a good way, of depth) sound-stage.


This is a warehouse space, my home in NY has no space for a dedicated listening room. 

This warehouse space was never meant to be a listening room, it sort of just happened. 

For the front wall, it is missing a few more pieces of diffusers. Originally in the front I had some Q7D wooden diffusers that were just set on top of the "bottom block" and it terrifies me to think if one day somehow the wooden diffusers fell over, my whole front end or speakers will be damaged and I would likely instantly fall into depression as I am very attached to my gear. 

I have on the way different diffusers that attach on top of the bottom block, similar to what you see on the left and right side of that "unfinished" wall except that the middle block and top block will be diffusers rather than only absorbers. It is a 3 piece system from GIK. They are all free standing and are wonderful for my use case as attaching items to my type of walls would be tough.


That is a huge space. I assume it is in the basement. Did you purposely not finish the front wall? Those REL subs looks like monsters! Hope you are having fun.


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