The first time in many years that I haven't had a system based on vacuum tubes. While the tube electronics are put away, I'm really enjoying this solid-state system and realizing that good solid-state could be a permanent thing, especially with all the analog sources I have. But who knows what the future holds, I'm just enjoying this system every chance I get to listen.


Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Dan D'Agostino Progression Preamp
    • Dan D'Agostino Master Stereo Amp
    • Magico V3 Speakers
    • Studer A810 reel to reel
    • Studer A807 reel to reel
    • King Cello Tapehead/Phono preamp
    custom made by Charles King
    • Garrard 401 turntable
    • TW Acustic Raven One
    • Triplanar mk VII U2 Tonearm
    • Reed 2A Tonearm
    • LUMIN D2 DAC w/ Booster
    • Sony SCD-XA9000es CD/SACD
    • GIK Acoustics diffusers
    Auralex diffusers, ATS basstraps and panels

Comments 13

I’m still in the discovery stages of the Reed but so far the Reed has a very seductive midrange that makes vocal a joy to listen to. Instruments has a natural flow and music sounds very organic with this tonearm (red cedar armwand), my ZYX 4D cartridge has never sounded better.
The Triplanar is probably the more balanced tonearm and more detail throughout all frequencies, it would do well with all genre of music. It is an excellent tonearm and I have no complaints.

Both tonearms are very easy to setup and easy to get good results from…which to me means not having to tinker very much to get good sound and is quiet through the grooves. Reed, like many others probably borrowed some of their ideas from the Triplanar design. Adjusting VTA, VTF, etc. is very similar. Both are around the same price on the used market so it's just a matter of preference.



Wonderful system 
Looks completely comfortable 

So, triplaner vs reed 

What are each comparative sound sound quality 




Thank you @jond and @mmcgill829


Wow quite the collection of gear Ant and some very nice sources you have!


Beautiful system!


@bob540 Thank you for your kind words, I’ve upgraded slowly through the years, started with a home theater in a box, lol!
My gear is nice but nothing compared to the “All Out Assault” guys.


Wow!  Your gear is worth more than my entire house!   😳.  Very impressive.


@tubegb thank you! I appreciate your compliment. Yes, the difference first reflection diffusers make is as drastic as a major component upgrade.


Amen regarding your first reflection point comment. What a beautiful rig!


For the critical first reflection, I'm actually using an older diffuser product that works much better, the first reflection is SO important!  The GIK hybrid product I have is diffuser/art so I just use it to fill out the rest of the room. 
The pictures are taken from my older gen iPhone so nothing special.


Very cool then. I should probably use some lens like that. You have some excellent gear there. I have never had GIK diffusers. Should try at some point. They look neat in your setup.


milpai, thank you for your comment. The room is 14x18x9, I think the camera angle makes it look larger than reality.


Very nice setup. Looks like a fairly large room. TBH, in the thumbnails, it almost looked like a AI generated room. Very cool. Have fun with your music.


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