This is my simple system in a smaller room.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Spendor A4
    • Pathos Logos MKII
    • Eversolo A8
    • Isotek EVO 3 Aquarius
    • Richard Gray 400 Pro
    • Nordost Speaker/Interconnects
    • GIK Acoustics 242 (12ea)

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Another nice simple system…the way it should be.  Kudos !


Nicely done. I also worked with GIK based on measurements, pics and description of components. Very pleased with the results, though I haven’t installed 244s on the ceiling as they advised.


Short answer is yes, they took some of the bass out and made the bass cleaner.
I worked with GIK and used REW to get the measurements they requested so they could put a plan together for me.


That's a perfect well sorted small room system well done sunshdw!


Very nice simple system. My room is very similar to yours just a little smaller. Did the panels help with the acoustics in the room?


Well, the cord for the Isotek is a bit to short to make it to the outlet to I put the Richard Gray I had from my previous system in until I can get a longer cord for the Isotek. I'll probably pull it when I get the new power cord.


Cute little system. Reminded me of my first system in a slightly bigger room. But my speakers were "similar" to your - Quad 21L. Had the same Nordost speaker cables (4-flat?).
What is the reason to have Richard Gary and Isotek? They are powering Digital and analog amplifier) separately?


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