My man cave/office system.  Upgrades I'm dreaming of - speakers - love my Neat's but want something bigger in the low end and allow the Supernait flex more.  I started buying vinyl the past couple of years and would look to upgrade my entry level Music Hall TT.  Bluesound has been great with the Pontus II DAC.

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    • Naim Audio Supernait 2
    • Denafrips Pontus II
    • Bluesound Node 2
    • Kudos KSS-1
    KS-1 3m Speaker Cable, Naim to Bananaplug
    • Neat Acoustics Motive SE2
    • Blue Jeans Cable DTC Digital Coaxial
    • Chord Company Reference 1m-1.5m
    • Music Hall MMF-1.5
    testing out vinyl - would look for tips to upgrade for around 1k (TT, Phonostage)

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Nice simple system, regardless of room size.  Kudos to you!


Thanks for the comments - yes, its simple and smallish room works well - I can listen in peace!  My living room is cavernous so I neglect that with a Sonos system for background music.


Nice simple system and cool cabinet!


Nice! What are you looking for in a new TT? I used to have a MMF 7.1 back in the day that was pretty good, but at that price point I'd probably recommend a Clearaudio concept air.


I am assuming you are maximizing your audio quality in a small space based on your components chosen.  How would you describe your sound attributes?

Nice system!


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