Living Room System. Does 2-Channel listening and also Front L+R in channels the 4.1 home theatre. Found there is no need for a dedicated center so I removed the Kef RC2

Some compromises with furniture and no treatments possible - have to keep the wife happy.

Sound is so lovely and pure - there seems to be just a clarity and ease across the frequency range vs my other system which is a two way. 

This replaces Kef R11s and a Parasound JC5. 

I’m very happy with this upgrade. 


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    • Wilson Audio Sabrina X
    Galaxy Gray
    • Roon Labs Linux PC running Roon-Core
    Home PC running Roon Core and HQ Player (currently only used for office system holo may Dac via holo red network streamer)
    • Boulder 866
    Integrated Amp with onboard DAC and Network Streamer upgrade
    • Transparent Audio Super Gen 5 Speaker Cables
    • KEF KC62
    Great little sub

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Nice simple system…way to go!


Ahhh - I didn't realize that the steamer was part of the package. I'm currently in my "Maximus" phase - I have many components, much vinyl just a lot of everything. I look at your system, and take a deep breath - some day, I will have a "Minimus" system, and I hope it looks and sounds as good as yours likely does.



The Boulder Integrated has a very nice streamer and DAC module added. I stream from my Roon-Core PC via Ethernet. 

Simple, clean and sounds very good


Very nice! But what are your sources?


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