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    • 432evo High-End Music Server
    • Sonist Audio Concerto 3
    Two way floorstanding loudspeakers.
    • Yamamoto Soundcraft A-011
    Single Ended 2A3 amplifier
    • Mojo Audio Mystique Y D/A Converter
    R-2R ladder DAC

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Thank you, for your thoughtful comments. I came across the Concerto 3's when looking for an efficient speaker to pair with an SET amp. I fell in love with the speaker's aesthetic and bought them without hearing or seeing them in the flesh. The Yamamoto has turned out to be a good match. It has taken awhile to cultivate the current sound of this system but it is now a wonderful window through with to, as you so aptly put it, investigate music.


Those speakers are so simple and graceful to look at. I read the Art Dudley review of those speakers, and I was intrigued. I love your choice of amps - SET amps are something I am just starting to investigate. This seems like a wonderful space, and wonderful equipment with which to investigate music.


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