Tweeks: Vibrapods/Cones (Line and phono pre amps).
TTWeights Classic (LP clamp).
Cardas RCA Sig.Caps.
Pro-Ject carbon fiber brush.

Music Storage System:Revolving CD Rack: Leslie Dame CD-1480

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    • Acurus LS-11
    Line Level preamp, Dual Mono, discrete components.
    • Musical Surroundings Nova III
    Phono preamp. Dual Mono, discrete components.
    MM/MC w. upgraded Jameco Linear Transformer plug.
    • B&K Components Reference 4420
    MOS Fet Power amplifier
    225wpc 8 ohms,  350wpc 4 ohms.
    • Technics SL-1200 mk2
    Manual, Direct Drive Turntable, circa 1995 model.
    w. Herbie's Audio Lab "Way Excellent II" turntable mat [6mm/285mm]. KAB resonance Cap. Isolation platform: Gingko Reg. Cloud10 .
    • Ortofon Reloop Concorde Black
    MM cartridge, w. OM30 and OM20 styli.
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
    CD Player/DAC
    • Sony DVP-NS999ES
    SACD/DVD/CD player
    • Sony BDP-S5000ES
    Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
    • Canton Electronics Fonum 600
    3 way floor standing speakers.
    • SVS SB-1000 PRO
    Powered subwoofer with DSP.
    SVS SoundPath isolation system & Morrow Audio MAP2 C7 (power cable).
    • Meze Audio Meze Audio 99 Classic (walnut/gold finish)
    Headphones (portable use)
    • PS Audio Quintet
    Power Center, Line Conditioner.
    • PS Audio xStream Resolution Transcendent
    Silver interconnects.
    • PS Audio xStream Resolution Reference
    Cooper interconnects.
    • AudioQuest Black Mamba II
    • MIT Cables Terminator 2
    • WireWorld Oasis 8
    • SVS Soundpath
    • Wireworld Silver Starlight 7
    S/PDIF, coax.
    • Morrow Audio DIG2
    S/PDIF, coax.
    • VH Audio Flavor 4
    Power cable. (power amp).
    • PS Audio PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-5
    Power cable (line Level preamp).
    • Iso-Tek EVO3 Premier
    Power cable. ( Cambridge Audio CD/DAC and Sony SACD/DVD/CD player).
    • SignalCable MagicPower
    Power Cable. (Blu-ray player).
    • SKW Hi-Fi 6N OCC copper 14AWG
    Speaker wire

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Thank you Jond for the nice comment, I'm semi retired on disability so try to do the best I can...looking into replacing my main speakers with more compact stand mounts as my room is small.


Nice system a lot of classic good sounding budget components!


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