Roon/Qobuz Streaming.  No analog, CD or stored digital anymore.
Back of listening area is open to similar size space.  Listen at low and moderate levels, mostly jazz, classic rock, singer-songwriters, and some classical.  72 years old,  treble over 10K doesn't compute.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Luxman 505 UXii Integrated
    2 year old purchased new
    • Auralic Vega G.1
    Dac/Streamer demo model purchased direct from mfg.
    • Verity Audio Finn
    One of, if not the last Finn made before they eliminated model.  Beautiful cherry finish.  Purchased new 2 years ago.  Verity recently ceased operations.
    • Bluesound Node X
    Use exclusively from TV via HDMI.  Usually to headphones.  My 3rd Node, definite upgrade.  Noticeably better HP Amp than either the Luxman or Vega.  One of very few components that handle HDMI.  Auralic Vega has significant buffering, used Optical and didn't handle the TV very well.
    • Dan Clark Audio E3 Headphone
    Really, really nice sounding.
    • Schiit Audio Mjolnir 3
    3 months old, living up to hype.  Seem so be good match for Dan Clark headphones.
    • REL Acoustics 7Tx
    Single sub for now, will be adding second 7Tx and cabling HiLevel direct to respective speaker posts.  Went from 9Tx to S510.  Sounded great, but just to big and heavy and probably too much for room.  Wanted to try stereo subs and 7Tx seemed like best move.

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Really nice system Karlsson those Verity's are lovely was bummed to hear they closed up shop. And that Luxman is a stunner of course and nice to see an Auralic user big fan here!


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