NUFORCE A18 all digital 7.1 AV pre-amp / processor 
YBA ALPHA3 2-channel power amp
AUDIO REFINEMENT by YBA 3-channel power amp
AUDIO REFINEMENT by YBA 2-channel power amp
MARTIN LOGAN FL-FC-FR FRESCO speakers on OEM stands 
MARTIN LOGAN LR - RR - LS - RS VIGNETTE speakers on OEM stands 
PANASONIC 4K Blu-ray player 
ARCAM FMJ Blu-ray player
58” PANASONIC flat panel tv 
APC power conditioner fed by dedicated power lines 
Matched pair ENERGY subwoofers 
all BELDEN high-end build model in-wall speaker cables
REGA COUPLE / ATLAS NAVIGATOR- all-cu interconnects 

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    Nice setup akg I've been fascinated by YBA since reading all the J-10 reviews back in the 90s but still have never heard any.


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