Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty
    • Ayre Acoustics VX-5 Twenty
    • Coda Technologies FET 07x
    • Coda Technologies Continuum No. 8
    • Coda Technologies S5.5
    • Innous Zen Mk3
    • KCI(Kable Craft) All cables by KCI
    • Marten Design Django XL

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Hi Roxy54,
I'm not sure what you're referring to as I've never owned an UltraVerve, possibly have me confused with someone else? Either way; thanks for the comment! ;)


I read your Ultra verve review. Very enthusiastic, but it looks like you got rid of it after all!


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