Main system in our house.

Most of our listening is 2-channel, but as you can tell we do a good amount of surround.

Acoustic Zen cabling and cardas almost throughout - have been very happy with the sound. Using matrix reference II full balanced through CDP to Pre to Amp, then AZ Double Barrel Speaker cable to 802D.

Any comments or suggestions very welcome and appreciated. Ross

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    • Meridian G08
    CD Player. Pis my older 508.24
    • B&W B&W HTM2D
    Center channel
    • B&W B&W 802D
    Main Speakers
    • Acoustic Zen Double Barrel
    Speaker cable. Made by Robert Lee.
    • Krell S-1000
    New Krell S-1000 Processor.
    • Krell FPB-300
    Main amplifer for 802Ds
    • Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II
    Cable between CDP and Pre, and to Amps
    • Acoustic Zen Silver Photon Digital Cable
    From Cable Box to Processor
    • Cardas Golden
    Cardas Golden to FBP-300 Amp, and CD Player
    • Krell KAV-3250
    Powers center channel and two rears

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Thanks - this system is LONG gone - just not sure how to delete it from Audiogon!


A beautiful room and system.

Happy Listening!


How does that S-1000 do on 2 channel audio? I am considering one to run with my FPB-600?


System edited: Added Cardas Golden ref power cord to the S1000 Pre


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