Getting lost in the vintage analog world, vintage turntable is a really an engineering gem IMHO. anyway i am still fairly new at this, can anyone give me some pointer on what i should explore next to achieve the analog nirvana.... thx


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    • Pioneer Exclusive P3a
    Direct drive turntable
    • Sony PS-X9
    Sony broadcast turntable
    • Technics SP-10 mkII
    with SME 3012R
    • Microseiki MAX-282
    vintage performer
    • fidelity research fr 7fc
    best FR cartridge
    • Microseiki SX-8000 mkII
    mk 1
    • Luxman E-06@
    phono by luxman
    • Technics SP-10 mkIII
    best DD
    • Kyocera PL-910
    Ceramic platter and bearing
    • Denon DP-100m
    Massive motor and torque. Great piece of engineering
    • Microseiki BL-999
    Super rare seiki
    • Luxman PD-444
    Magnetic support platter. Direct drive
    • Technics SP-15
    With professional console and on board phono
    • melco 3560 system
    mass load, heavy weight platter 35 kg platter 24 pole motor
    • Melco 3560
    35kg platter 24pole motor
    • audiocraft A110 L
    • micro seiki sx 777
    vacuum platter float and LP suction
    • Otari mx-5050 MKIII
    • Denon 3602RG
    • Technics TD1200 LTD
    limited gold series
    • Fidelity Research FR-64ss
    • Garrard 301
    • Dynavector DV-505
    • micro seiki sx-8000 mkI
    my second sx-8000

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A wonderful collection of tables Voraratc, just a note your Micro SX-8000 isn't a mk2 series. But its unusual for having the air volume controller built into the RY-5500 chassis, normally there was a separate pump/controller unit, RP-8020 that was sold with the SX-8000.


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Very nice collection of tables!


Having owned the Luxman E-06 and the later Luxman E-06a all I can say is...sorry I sold either of them and will you send me yours?


Bf my favorite is Exclusive P3a and the big Micro


Nice collection of tables. Do you have a favorite?


Best you explore a new base for any of your TT's. I suggest an electron microscope base, while costly at about $10,000, they will 'purify' you sound, in addition to looking awesome.


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