Overall, I am very pleased. I love my infinitys and I recently moved out of a Denon 3805 and into the Parasound/Rotel setup which was a great move. I am willing to answer any questions about synergy or components that may arise. I may upgrade my Oppo 980 and Sharp BDHP21U to the new Oppo Bluray player. Also, I could really use a new cartridge for my turntable, possibly a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 or one of the Ortofon 2M's.

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    • Parasound AVC-1800
    just bought it, haven't even installed it yet
    • Rotel RB-980bx
    my stereo amp.
    • Rotel RB956AX
    I am using this bridged to 3 channels with my 980bx - a great pairing.
    • Infinity Overture 2
    they're great
    • Wharfedale MFM7
    also very nice
    • PSB Image 8c
    great center speaker
    • Yamaha YST-SW315
    decent sub, I like the controls on the front.
    • Oppo 980
    What an amazing universal player
    • Sharp BDHP21U
    Blu-ray player. I got this because it has internal decoding of the Master-HD codecs, and I wouldn't have to upgrade the Parasound. I would say it's about par with other Blu-ray players that are out there. Not significantly better, or significantly lacking in any way.
    • Onkyo DX-C380
    Actually the 390...
    • Audio Equipment Rack awesome
    Audio Equipment Rack - home made
    • TV stand good
    home made TV stand with dovetail joints.
    • audio technica AT-Pl120
    • Sangean HDT-1x
    HD Radio component tuner

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Cool rack!  What company and model is it?


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