I have been moving in a more simplistic direction for some time. This integrated (Sonic Integrity MP5) only has two inputs. This limits my sources and makes sure I don't buy new equipment without really thinking about it first.

Because the amplifier is so low in power and my speakers aren't exactly super-efficient, I use the two powered subwoofers crossed over at 150hz to carry the bottom end.

I am pretty well finished for now. I like the way things are going and how good it sounds, considering the small amount money I have spent.

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    • Project Audio Xpression III
    Nice table for a nice price. Review available at
    • Grado Reference Platinum
    Wood body cartridge at a reasonable price. I hope I never have to upgrade.
    • Music Hall MMF Phono Pack
    Very competent phono amp.
    • Sonic Integrity MP5
    15 watts times 2. Tube hybrid.
    • Polk Audio r30
    Astonishing detail and sound quality for such a low price.
    • Polk Audio PSW10
    I have two of these. They are surprising for the price. They are often available for less than $100.
    • Belkin PureAV
    Decent, inexpensive power conditioner.

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System edited: Re-placed (not replaced) the speakers and added room treatments. Removed the digital source.


@Chriswilson: I keep considering just removing the power conditioner. I am not convinced of its performance gains. Also, the CD player is on the fence often. It is VERY good, but sometimes simplicity wins. I might try living without it for a few weeks and see how much I miss it. Then I will truly be sure of what is required in my system.

@tpreaves: You are probably right. However, I need some height on my speakers as well as the floor space this configuration affords. I used the spikes and isolation discs in hopes I could minimize this rumble.


I can't help but to think that you are probably getting some rumbling with your speakers sitting on top of the subs.Maybe,maybe not?


what a great system.

I'm thinking about a new integrated, and I've been thinking about the number of inputs a lot. and the more I think about it, the more I realize just how few I truly need

its always great to see someone so sure of every aspect of the system and why it's there


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