My system was evolving from mainly DJ equipment. Existing Technics turntables used to be a part of main setup and was carried out for the parties as well. Having in mind possibilities of modification of those, I still decided to go for dedicated high-definition turntables and Michell attracted my attention in 2001. Another day, less than year ago during purchasing of private record collection, I decided to purchase ASIS Empire 591 turntable for very low asking price and replaced stock tonearm(had loose bearing problem). I immediately realized the comfort of swapping records during non-critical listening and found that restored Empire Turntable with AT 5001 arm and Pickering XV15/D750 pickup works very close to Michell with small compromise to soundstage deapth. Was thinking to make some extra cash reselling restored Empire, but darn it SINGS the way that I changed mind selling it!

I have a huge vinyl collection exceeding 10,000 records. Approximately 2000 records is for dance music and scratching BPM sampled most of them

Approximately 2TB of personal digital high-definition downloads.

Still listening to vinyl 90% of time. Less fatigue regardless of how high the resolution of the digital files or how well CDs are recorded and manufactured.

My upgrade plans are very modest:

1. Plan to replace Pickering XV15/D750 with higher compliant Ortofon 2M blue

2. Plan to add dedicated budget headshell/78rpm cartridge

3. Plan to DIY build an ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

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    • Michell Engineering Gyro SE
    Has Technoarm with Shelter 501
    • Empire 598
    Latest model of this vintage brand. Original Empire 998 arm replaced by AudioTechnica AT 5001
    • Mytek 192 Silver Preamp
    DAC-Preamp with exceptional DA performance, adjustable gain and outstanding analogue volume control. Purchased fairly recently 2 years ago and it replaced my full-function Classe 30 preamp
    • Mogami Silver series balanced
    Purchased bulk(still have few feet), cut and terminated with Neutrik XLR
    • Mogami Silver Series RCA
    Purchased bulk, cut and terminated with Neutrik lockable RCA plugs.
    • StandDesign Unknown
    Has 5 shelves
    • Furman ASD-120
    Sequenced Power distribution, reliable source of stable power
    • Sunfire Sunfire 300
    Very clean sound, Deep soundstage, Exceptional control.
    Had several upgrade attempts and all failed. Truly liked Classe CAM 350, but wasn't willing to stretch budget.
    • Lenovo Q190
    Entertainment mini-desktop. Stock HDD was replaced by 256g Kingston SSD; Motherboard was transferred to solid aluminium Heat Sink chassis. This made processor fan hardly ever engage at all. Many would remove, but I decided to keep it for safety.
    • Technics SL-1200 mkII
    Used to be in my main setup, but now it's one out of 4 dedicated DJ purpose turntable. Stock tonearm and cartridges/headshells always changed depending on either playback or scratch
    • Musical Fidelity XPS
    Phono preamp MM/MC replaced full-function Classe 30 preamp
    • Kimber 8TC
    This cable I purchased as leftover bulk from manufacturer that gave me 2 x 6' runs. There are 8 conductors in each where 4 being used for the lower binding posts and 2 for upper respectively
    • Aerial Acoustics Model-10t
    Purchased used for $1100 with blown woofer that I purchased $450 new from manufacturer to replace. Few attempts had been to upgrade these, but did not succeed. I quit trying to upgrade them few years ago. Another problem with them they don't have pretty looks after all these years, but their sound makes them a truly beautiful.
    • VPI HW 16
    Older record cleaning machine. DIY modified to have a drain; Original mat replaced with newer HW 16.5 mat. Also to increase the suction and vacuum, I placed vintage record between mat and platter. The efficiency and advantage is noticable

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Nevertheless, the only advice I can share weather it's wise or not is to make sure whatever component or tweak one about to purchase MAKES SENSE from very beginning before one even try it.
I'm now intrigued by HUGE price drop on Crown K2 amp that could be purchased used from several pro-audio dealers for <$500. For THAT price this amp MAKES SENSE a LOT. It's an incredible amplifier with great useful features such as adjustement of input sensitivity and gain. It's usefull for biamping and for matching to your preamp especially tube one. It's also fanless and has very quiet background so for home hi-def audio this amp is giant killer that can compete against high-def common brands such as BAT, Classe, Krell, GamuT and others.
Oh it also have intepended volume controls on each channel... Isn't that great? I guess it's dual-mono design with only one power switch(doncha need 2?)


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Czarivey, Kevinkwann specializes in 'drive by' one-line comments without context or value. Don't let his anger issues get you down, and enjoy your music and system!


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Which advise? Advise should be specific.


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Given the quality of your system, do you really think it's wise to offer your advice to others?


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It does and it's listed Musical Fidelity XPS


Does your Mytek have a phono stage? If not, how do you play vinyl?


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