Moved on from an older Rogue 99, Plinius SA 100 III, Transporter and B&W N803 system. The Salks really have a nicer top to bottom feel to them. Hated to get rid of the Plinius, and the Rogue for that matter, but wanted to downsize a bit.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Salk Veracity ST
    3 way with RAAL ribbon tweeter. Custom finish, and great fit for the room.
    • PS Audio Perfectwave II
    w/Bridge II
    • Rogue Audio Cronus Integrated Magnum
    Solid build with power, control and detail.
    • Beyerdynamic T1
    Much more comfortable and a little more neutral than my previous Audeze LCD 2
    • Kimber 8TC
    Fine cable for the money. Understand it's a classic.
    • Kimber Tonik
    2 Pair for DAC and Headamp
    • WOO Audio WA 6
    Headphone amp
    • AKG Acoustics 712
    Great for casual use.

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From what I've read here and other forum your combination of gear may be the best for the price point. How does it sound to your ear compared to your older system, and are you considering adding a turntable?