An attempt to get best bang for buck in a sub 10K system.

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    • MHDT Labs Paradisea
    NOS DAC with Bendix 6385
    • Pioneer Elite 79 AVI
    Universal player
    • Tube Audio Design TAD 150
    Tube pre with two Sylvania 6201
    • Odyssey Audio Stratos
    Stereo Extreme with two Plitron 400va and 180,000 capictance
    • Odyssey Audio Lorlei
    Black Ash
    • Blue Jeans Belden 1695F
    Digital Cables
    • DH Labs Air Matrix
    • Canare Star Quad
    WBT locking bananas
    • Black Sand Violet
    • MAC Sound Pipe
    Power amp cord
    • Blue Circle Audio BC 1200
    Balanced AC
    • PS Audio Duet
    Power Center
    • Alan Maher PE
    Parallel filter
    • Hammond 193L and 193M
    Chokes for power cleaning
    • Circlina DVD Audio Solo
    converts .wav files to 24/96 DVD-A and DVD-V disks
    • GIK Acoustics Panels
    5 panels to treat room
    • Herbie's Audio Labs Misc
    Tenderfeet, tube dampers, maple blocks, black hole, iso cup, acrylic balls, grungebuster material
    • Misc Misc
    Stillpoints ERS cloth, Asis Ophiopogon, Unhappy Balls, Waipuna Sound Myrtlefeet, Lead shot diver weights, brass and aluminum pieces for damping,

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How are you liking your PE
I'm considering getting a few for my rig


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