I took some time off in the summer of 2007 and constructed a dedicated HT room for the family. Considering this was my first serious attempt at a renovation project, I am pleased by the way things have turned out.

The room is 21x15 with a relatively low ceiling which unfortunately did not allow for a tiered seating arrangement which is one my greatest regrets. There's a deep cavity behind the wall-unit so I built a bass trap behind the screen. A sub-panel was installed with 8 dedicated 20A lines for all the gear but unfortunately the light dimmers throw a lot of noise on the power line, but I felt it was a necessary evil for this room. Let me know if anyone has a better solution for dimmed lighting, but usually the lights are off during movies anyways.

I don't have ambitious audio priorities for this room, but would like to eventually get a processor with all the latest HD audio codecs. Something along the lines of the Cary Cinema 11a would be ideal but I'll wait until it is more mature.

Have to admit that most visitors are more intrigued by the HT room than the 2ch room including my own family. I only have one chair in the audio room anyways.

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Oppo BDP-83SE
    Great picture and audio is much improved from previous Oppo products. Incredible value.
    • JVC RS1
    Nice projector.
    • Carada Precision 106
    106" screen.
    • Anthem D2V 3D
    • Cary Audio Design Cinema 5
    Very musical multi-ch amp.
    • Threshold T400
    Class A heater. Drives main speakers. Still better than a lot out there.
    • Vandersteen 3a Sig
    Main speakers.
    • Vandersteen VCC-5
    Center channel.
    • Vandersteen 1c
    4 rears.
    • Velodyne DD-15
    Musical sub and flexible controls.
    • DHLabs T14
    For the surrounds.
    • DHLabs Q10
    Shotgun configuration for the mains and center.
    • PS Audio xStream Plus
    2m power cord.
    • Virtual Dynamics Power 3
    Power cords for amps and sub.
    • Kimber Kable PK14
    Power cord.
    • Ultimate Cables Silver Series C4
    Affordable and decent.
    • Tice Audio Elite AV
    Power conditioner.
    • PS Audio Soloist
    Conditioner on a dedicated 20A line for the JVC RS1.
    • PS Audio Noise Harvester
    AC line conditioner
    • Blue Circle Audio BC86 mkIII
    AC line conditioner
    • ASC Tube traps / CinePanels
    Acoustic treatments
    • Bass Trap Home Depot
    Bass trap built behind projection screen.

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Great system! If not a secret, what power setting the lamp in the projector you are using?


Hi Chris
I would put the surround speakers higher with the tweeters somewhere around ear height when standing. The rears in HT are responsible for the ambient sounds so you want the sound to be more diffusive and not so direct. My set up with the four 1Cs do sound a bit like they are coming from the speakers but it would have been a big eye sore to raise them in my room. You have a lot higher ceiling so it is ideal.

I never tried the VCC1. Since you have the Quatro, I would favour the VCC5. If you look at Vandersteen's forum, he always recommends the VCC5 with 3As and up as they have much greater dynamic and sonic capabilities than the smaller VCC1.

Acoustic treatments are a good idea and one of the most effective upgrades you can make. For a HT room, you want to control the reflections as much as possible so I would also add some side and rear wall panels. I originally started with the ASC 1/2 rounds at the first reflection point, but I recently added additional ASC CinePanels and the sound become more focused with better clarity. It is a lot easier to understand dialogue and the sound is just more natural and less fatiguing. The CinePanels look great, are easy to install, and relatively affordable.


Hi Nikki
I am setting up an HT in 17*23 room (ceiling hight not fixed yet (although I am limited to 13.5 ft) with Quattro's in front, 2CS's rears, VC1 center and Vandie sub. Did you have any problem with floor standers in the rear (many people advise me to change to wall mounts?)? Did you use the VC1 before VC5? Huge change?? The rased rear platform was built as a bass trap and further traps would be added to teh four corners.
Any feedback would be great


System edited: Replaced PS3 and Oppo DV-981HD with the Oppo BDP-83. The BDP-83 is an incredible value and a significant step forward in audio quality compared to the DV-981HD. Load times are just as quick as the PS3. Also added more ASC CinePanels which significantly improved intelligibility with dialogue.


Thanks. My screen is slightly dwarfed by what you have done in your room !!! You have an impressive setup.


Well executed.....very nice.


Thanks for the nice compliment. The project took me longer than average, but I learned so much and really enjoyed doing it.

You must enjoy your setup as well - very nice. I would love to have the extra headroom of your basement.


Nice set up Nikki...Geez and you had no experience in this area??? Pat yourself on the back...several times...


Have to admit, I'm in there once in a while as well :).


Just another day at the office...ho hum. me thinks big kids would enjoy your office as well.


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