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    • Shanling CD-3000 (modified by Underwood)
    Level 1 modification. See for a review of the unit with the next tier of modifications)
    • Unison Unico Secondo
    Actually, a hybrid int. amp with a tubed pre-amp section. See
    • Triangle Celius
    Not that it mattered that much to me, but these were formerly a Class A in Stereophile with one reviewer saying he liked these better than anything he had heard in a long time.
    • Paradigm Sub 12
    The bass of the Triangles is fine, but I like bass.

    Built like a tank and it's aesthetically attractive with a wonderful wood finish.

    • LAT IC-300 Signature
    Incredible item. I had gone through various Audioquest, Chord and Cardas items before finding these on a whim. The clarity and openness are incredible.
    • Ultralink biwire UL-12
    Very solid and workable. Haven't found anything for less than a sick amount of money that I think is better.

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I e-mailed you off site today regarding my IC thread. IC 300 looks like the choice.....what's a couple hundred more at this point in the game...

That is a nice system, you assembled. It looks like the trend is toward a CD player with volume control, and amp, speakers. Is there a DAC planned for the future??

I am on the verge of buying a used Bel Canto pre-amp which gets good reviews from the membership. Though, I might be behind the times, and wonder what the future of the "pre-amp" will be as a essential part of the audio chain.

I got a Rega TT, so I need to use one. Previously,I was using a Creek integrated with their MM phono card. Actually, I am using its pre-amp stage temporiarly until I buy the new pre-amp. However,I still have to get a moderately price phono box to accomodate the TT and Dynavector 10X5 high output MC. Thanks again for the IC recommendation. Jim


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