I'm pretty satisfied for now. I may sometime if the future upgrade my main speakers to something a little newer.

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    • Integra DHC-80.2
    The heart of the system
    • Odyssey Audio Stratos
    This amp powers the front speakers. Klaus did the Kismit upgrade with the black board and the Symphonic Line caps
    • Odyssey Audio Stratos HT-3
    This amp powers the center and the surround channels.
    • Rotel RB-970bx
    This amp powers the wide channels in Audyssey DSX
    • B&W Matrix 803 s2
    These are the main speakers. They've been serving me well for almost 20 years.
    • B&W DM-303
    These speakers provide the wide effect channels in Audyssey DSX
    • B&W CMC-2
    Great center channel speaker!
    • B&W SCM-8
    Surround channels
    • Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD
    Even though it's only 720p, it's one great TV
    • Oppo BDP-103
    Just got this piece. Ya gotta love Oppo!
    • PS Audio AV-5000
    Just recently upgraded to this piece from a Monster 5100

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