This is the core of the recording and monitoring chain for my studio. I did not list any sources which include micropones, sound proccesors guitars, keyboards etc...I use this for my personal sonic experiments and song composing. I can turn out an impressive recording that rivals almost anything out there. I have been recording music for about 12 years now and have come to believe that the most important link in the recording studio chain is the monitoring system.

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    • Silverline Audio Sonata
    birdseye maple
    • Pass Labs Aleph 2
    100w mono, each
    • Pass Labs Aleph P
    35 lbs
    • Apple G4 dual 867
    running Digital Performer
    • Wadia 17
    AD converter from mixer
    • MOTU 2408 mk 3
    8 channel DA converter for Computer
    • Meridian 518
    processor from 2408 mk 3
    • Meridian 566.24
    connects from the 518
    • Tascam CDRW 5000
    CD Recorder
    • Sound Application CF-X
    12 outlet power conditioner
    • Acoustic Zen Satori
    5ft spades
    • Walker Audio Ultimate Hi def links
    • homegrown audio super silver 2
    7m run from mixer to amps
    • Acoustic Zen silver refrence
    1m XLR run from mixer to Wadia 17
    • Acoustic Zen MC2
    1.5 meter run from Wadia 17 to Tascam CDRW 5000
    • Acoustic Zen Krakatoa
    power cords for Wadia, preamp and computer sound card

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I noticed you're using Acoustic Zen ic's. Have you read

You'd find it interesting. I've borrowed Matrix References, and they were pretty wondrous even compared to my current VdH The Seconds.

Anyway. Nice Studio. Colour me jealous. Do you do any on-location production? I've been thinking of getting into that, because I know so many musicians.


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