The system was designed to provide the most natural and uncolored sound. I am VERY happy with the result.

Comments welcomed.



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    • APL Hi-Fi Gravitas NB-Master
    Reference speaker system 2.5.5 way.
    • APL Hi-Fi HAS-M
    Unique Hybrid Amplification System
    • APL Hi-Fi DSD-M
    Pure DSD D/A converter with proprietary PCM to DSD converter, up to DSD256, DSD-only USB interface, own designed DSD D/A converter, and tube output stage.
    • APL Hi-Fi DTR-M
    Pure DSD Digital Transport with DSD256 conversion for CD and Pure SACD playback
    • APL Hi-Fi PHS-M
    Reference Phonostage, MC only.

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Dear Alex.

Hello, greetings from Brazil. Sorry to bothering you, but I saw an opportunity to get your classical APL SACD 4.0 SE player. Did you believe there is some problems in the future to repair the equipament if necessary? eg: boards, cd driver, etc?

Thanks in advance