The system was designed to provide the most natural and uncolored sound. I am VERY happy with the result.

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    • APL Hi-Fi Gravitas NB-Master
    Reference speaker system 2.5.5 way.
    • APL Hi-Fi HAS-M
    Unique Hybrid Amplification System
    • APL Hi-Fi DSD-M
    Pure DSD D/A converter with proprietary PCM to DSD converter, up to DSD256, DSD-only USB interface, own designed DSD D/A converter, and tube output stage.
    • APL Hi-Fi DTR-M
    Pure DSD Digital Transport with DSD256 conversion for CD and Pure SACD playback
    • APL Hi-Fi PHS-M
    Reference Phonostage, MC only.

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12-13-06: Aplhifi
As stated in the description, the speakers use Scan-Speak Revelator drivers.

My apology. I did read that, but then your post about all your APL branded gear being designed from the ground up threw me.


The drivers in your APL speakers are OEM APL designed parts?


Ah. Now I understand the question. Good one, too.


12-11-06: Acresverde
What speakers, pray tell, are we using?

If you read the system components, you have a 33 1/3% chance of learning the answer. How apropos is that?