There have been many updates starting with the upgrade to Legacy Valor speakers & Wavelet v1 in June 2020, moving to Wavelet v2 later and continuing on through various upgrades across the entire system through May 2023.  The combined effect of all these upgrades is a significant up-leveling of all aspects of system playback and musical realism.

Many system configurations have come and gone since the 1970s growing up.  

My first exposure to RTR Tape and Vinyl as well as playing music was with my father who had a local jazz swing band, played trumpet & piano and arranged music. He taught me the love of playing and listening to great music, how important it was in life and so much more.  I also spent many years from age 4, until my late 20s playing jazz, swing, classical, wind ensemble and drum corp.

Many thanks to the countless people I have spoken with, read posts from, interacted with and learned much from over the years. The system has attained a state of organic and natural qualities and pure enjoyment of music that I have sought for a very long time!!!


Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Overall Photos System Views....
    Various photos of the system....
    • Overall cable layout Elrod, Tubulus and Shunyata Research cables...
    Various photos of the cable management method and layout...
    • Legacy Audio VALOR
    Valor is an amazing speaker and these are built such that I need 4-channels of external amps to drive midrange & mid-bass via one set of binding posts and treble via a separate pair of binding posts for ultimate flexibility and resolving power.

    I had heard these many times since their introduction and since; my dream of owning them has finally come true!
    • Legacy Audio Wavelet V2
    The new Legacy V2 Wavelet platform with updated VALOR speaker Wavelet algorithms including Room Correction and active 4-way crossover and the latest Legacy-Boehmer "Stereo Unfold Technology" (SUT) which is groundbreaking sound!
    • Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podiums
    Custom size & weight configuration for Legacy Valor collaboration with Townshend Audio.  The results far exceeded even the highest expectations that I had.
    • Esoteric Audio Master SoundWorks C-02X Preamplifier
    An amazing SOTA dual-mono preamp containing technology and know-how derived from the development of the Grandioso C1 preamp...
    • Esoteric Audio S-02 Master SoundWorks Stereo Amplifier (2)
    A beautifully built and sounding stereo amplifier based upon the Grandioso S1 and identical build to it except for the Grandioso case work and binding posts.
    • Esoteric Audio Grandioso P1 Transport and Power Unit
    Grandioso P1 and PSU power chassis, a 2-channel SOTA transport
    • Esoteric Audio Grandioso D1 Dual Monoblock DACs
    Dual-mono separate chassis SOTA DAC implementatkon
    • Cybershaft OCXO (Type-2 curated) Premium Ltd V2 10 MHz Masterclock
    The best clock of any kind I've had in my system including many worthwhile contenders.  This 10 MHz master clock has the lowest phase noise, lowest effective jitter and most profound effect on sound quality of any out there!
    • Shunyata Research Everest 8000 with Chassis Ground plane
    An outstanding power conditioner on its own. Propels the system forward in terms of ultra quiet black backgrounds and detail plus musicality even more advanced than the prior combination of TRITON v3 and TYPHON QR.
    • Shunyata Research TYPHON T2_30amp
    A high bandpass power conditioner focused purely on noise filtering for incoming power being used as the inbound power hub for my Esoteric S-02 amps, C-02X pre-amp, HDPlexx LPSU, Legacy Audio Wavelet v2 and the power leads for the built-in amplication of each Valor speaker (2,250 Watts in each speaker as mine are built).
    • Shunyata Research Altaira SG-NR Signal Ground Hub (Zone1: Amps, Preamp and Legacy Wavelet)
    A great addition to the system, compliments the chassis grounding I already leverage via the chassis ground block on the Shunyata Triton v3 power conditioner.  The Altaira SG-NR hubs are allocated one per component-type "zone" in my system and serve to siphon internal circuit and component noise always present in any audio component that introduces subtle aberrations to the analog and digital signal flow.
    • Shunyata Research Altaira SG-NR Signal Ground Hub (Zone2: Esoteric Grandioso P1, P1PSU, dual D1 DACs)
    A second Altaira SG-NR Signal Ground hub to specifically isolate the signal grounding plane for my digital front-end components...
    • Shunyata Research SIGMA v3 SGC/CGC Ground Cables with STIS v3 terminations (20)
    Four 6-meter Sigma v3 cables used for chassis grounding for my Esoteric C-02X preamp, two S-02 amps to my TRITON v3's chassis ground plane.  Interchangeable Shunyata STIS v3 spades or bananas are used on the source and destination ends.

    The remaining fourteen Sigma v3 cables are all 1.5 meter and used for signal grounding multiple SG points of benefit on my Esoteric Grandioso P1, two D1 DACs, Esoteric C-02X preamp, two Esoteric S-02 amps and Legacy Audio Wavelet v2.  Signal ground cables are connecting to either Altaira SG-NR Zone-1 or Altaira SG-NR Zone-2 depending upon component...

    All signal ground cables are connected to components with Shunyata VTX-ag top of the line "ground tails".
    • Shunyata Research VTX-ag Ground Tails, various connector ends (14)
    Used with SIGMA v3 SGC VTX-ag ground cables for signal grounding multiple signal grounding points of benefit on my Esoteric Grandioso P1, two D1 DACs, Esoteric C-02X preamp, two Esoteric S-02 amps and Legacy Audio Wavelet v2.  Signal ground cables are connecting to either Altaira SG-NR Zone-1 or Altaira SG-NR Zone-2 depending upon component...

    All signal ground cables are connected to components with Shunyata VTX-ag top of the line "ground tails".
    • Shunyata Research Sigma v3 SGC/CGC Grounding cables with STIS v3 terminations (5)
    Used for chassis ground of my Esoteric Grandioso P1, P1PSU and two D1 DACs plus my Cybershaft clock to the chassis ground plane on my TRITON v3 power conditioner.  Lengths are 3-meter and four 2-meter cables with STIS v3 terminations.
    • pArtScience QRD64 2D 3-inch SpaceArray Diffusor Wood Panels
    Added 8 of these extremely effective quadratic diffusor panels on the back wall of the room.  pArtScience QRD 64-well 2D panels are a cut above other options available as stock commercial offerings from the usual sources.  Very impressive results...
    • Adona Corporation Master Reference Zero GX3, Zero GX2 (2) and Zero GX (3) Racks
    After almost 20 years with Adona's AV45-series racks that were a great long-term investment, I have done a massive upgrade to Adona's Zero GX Master Reference racks across my entire system. These raise the performance bar even higher!
    • Composite Audio CF-2010 Platforms (7)
    Wonderful and reasonably priced refinement to all the attributes of the Adona rack system,...I have yet to find any situation or external effect impacting sound quality or stability after adding these platforms many years ago.
    • Avatar Acoustics AfterBurner8 Duplex Outlets...
    The Avatar AfterBurner8 are back in the system,...pure copper and brass with minimal coating to prevent corrosion is the way to go!
    • Harmonic Resolution Systems DPX Damping Plates (16)
    Reported to pull in and dissipate airborne and chassis vibrations from all types of components...
    • Elrod Power Systems Statement Gold Speaker Cables 9-foot (2 pair)
    Pair #1 is full-range, and utilized to drive Valor's mid-bass and midrange

    Pair #2 is custom built and optimized for upper frequency playback.
    • Shunyata Research OMEGA CLOCK-50 50-ohm BNC:BNC 1.5-meter (2)
    All OMEGA digital cables beat the seemingly unbeatable SIGMA V2 digital cables and deliver additional perfection in sonics and musical results!
    • Elrod Power Systems Master Series Diamond XLR 2-meter (1 pair)
    Outrageously good interconnect!
    • Elrod Power Systems Master Series Statement Gold Y-Cable (custom)
    An incredible bespoke Y-Cable pair built beyond any quality measure I could imagine. Sonically amazing and imparts great musicality, dynamics and tonality to the midrange and Legacy Valor SUT Array's impact and sound quality.
    • Elrod Power Systems Diamond XLR Interconnects 6-foot (1 pair)
    A fantastic analog XLR interconnect!
    • Elrod Power Systems Statement Gold XLR 13ft pair and 6ft pair
    Amazing Elrod Statement Gold XLR Analog interconnects!!!
    • Shunyata Research Anaconda Zitron XLR (with KPIP process) 6-meter
    A tremendous long-run, super quiet, extremely quiet analog XLR!!!
    • Tubulus CONCENTUS HDMI 1.5 meter
    Outstanding HDMI cables optimized for use with high-speed data protocols using by the Esoteric Grandioso P1 and dual D1 stack....
    • Shunyata Research OMEGA QR-s 15-amp
    A true SOTA power cable tailor-made to connect any critical source directly to the wall including having its own noise-filtering and suppression in the cable; used to power the critical HDPLEX 300-watt LPSU for my Legacy Wavelet...
    • Elrod Power Systems Masters Series Diamond SE 10-foot 15-amp (2) and 20-amp (1)
    Great SOTA power cords.....
    • Elrod Power Systems Masters Series Statement Gold 3-meter 15-amp (2)
    New smaller main center section and longer flexible ends; equal in performance to the original Master Series but much more easily placed and positioned in an audio system!
    • Elrod Power Systems Masters Series Statement Gold Power Cords 15-amp (4)

    Fantastic power cords,...

    • HDPLEX 300 Watt Quad-Rail LPSU (LT3045-enabled)
    An outstanding multi-output DC Linear Regulated Power Supply to drive the Legacy Wavelet
    • Revelation Audio Labs 'Passage' Cryo-Silver Reference XLR3::XLR5 DC Umbilical
    This is my 3rd setup to utilize this amazing DC Umbilical...
    • Music Collection Many Genres CD XRCD/2/24/K2/DXD/UltraHD SACD
    I love music, all kinds, shapes, colors and types; this is an extensive collection of music in many genres and formats from pipe organ, classical, jazz, all the way to hard rock, electronica/techno and everything in between. 

    Formats: CD XRCD, XRCD2, XRCD24, K2HD, DXD, UltraHD, SACD
    • PRIOR 2-channel: Legacy Audio CaliberXD, Foundation, Wavelet, Esoteric, Cybershaft, Elrod, Shunyata
    Legacy Audio CaliberXD, Foundation, Wavelet, Esoteric A-02, Esoteric P-02, D-02, Cybershaft OP21A, Shunyata Triton V3, TYPHON QR, etc....
    • PRIOR 2-channel: TAD R1 MK2s, Esoteric, Cybershaft, Elrod, Isotek
    Loved this system in many ways, lasted about 2 years,....many things evolved during this time, power cords, interconnects, power conditioning, speaker cables, my overall listening tastes and a distinct missing/longing for the extremely musical experience of Legacy Audio speakers, active room correction, etc... Don't get me wrong, the TAD R1 MK2s are within their stated range as perfect a speaker as I've heard in many aspects but the bottom octave rolling off halfway up and the bottom half octave rolling off even more plus my preference for the Legacy AMT tweeter and super-tweeter sound led me back in very short order!
    • PRIOR 2-channel: with Legacy Audio Aeris, WAVELET Esoteric, Cybershaft, Shunyata & HDPlex
    I love this setup and will be sad to see the AERIS and all of its active-speaker benefits with great RoomEQ by the WAVELET and HDPlex Custom PSU leave my system.  This has impressed all who have heard it and me daily for the past 1-2 years. Truly Amazing!!!
    • PRIOR 2-ch with Legacy FocusSE
    Prior to the arrival of the AERIS statement reference speakers, this was the configuration of the system. I will miss the FocusSEs from the point of view they gave me several great years of listening and produced far more than their price point would have indicated. A great speaker in a great sounding setup!
    • PRIOR 2-channel: Legacy Focus HDs biamped...
    The system has evolved and been refined many levels over how it sounds quite a few years ago. Prior generations centered around high-end Tara, AQ and Shunyata with Classe pre-amplification and dual NL 12.1 amps in a vertical bi-amp configuration.
    • PRIOR 7.1 HT & 2-channel: All Legacy Audio
    This is the system configuration many years ago when I attempted to go all out for 7.1 HT and 2-channel all rolled into one system. The impact, musicality and overall enjoyment factor on the HT portion of the system based upon custom-built Edge amplification, Classe HT surround-proc, 2-channel pre-amp, multiple pairs of Legacy speakers in all positions plus a REL B1 subwoofer with Velodyne processor was off the charts however the 2-channel never attained what I have always hoped for in my primary system. It took about 2 years to reach the decision but several years ago I decided to focus on 2-channel listening and have not looked back ever since.

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Added a Shunyata Typhon T2 (30amp input) unit between the wall and the power Valor speakers, Esoteric S-02 amps, C-02X preamp and Wavelet v2's HDPlexx 300W power supply. This combined with the upgrade of all chassis and signal ground cables from Delta and Alpha to Shunyata Sigma v3 with STIS terminations and VTX-Ag connections has done great things for the system, far more than I had original hoped for....


Recently upgraded from Shunyata Triton v3 and Typhon QR (a good friend will now give that excellent combination a good home), to a Shunyata Everest 8000 power conditioner with very impressive results...


Component and cable list completely updated....


Photos updated...


Updated photos to follow....


After almost 20 years with Adona's AV45-series racks that were a great long-term investment, I have done a massive upgrade to Adona's Zero GX Reference racks across my entire system. These raise the performance-value bar even higher!

This year I've also added two (2) Shunyata Altaira SG (Signal Ground) hubs and upgraded all my existing Signal Ground cables from Shunyata Delta to Sigma level with VTX-ag connector ends with fantastic results as well as adding additional Sigma signal ground cables as I added the second hub. In addition, I've upgraded about half my chassis ground cables from Delta to Sigma level as well with sonically noticeable results.


Front walls treated with light diffusion.  Rear wall treated with quadratic diffusion.  Legacy Wavelet takes care of the rest with room correction (4 vectors: frequency, phase, amplitude, time) full range. I use REW before and after and have vetted the results.


What about acoustic?



Thank you for the post with great comments; it's great to hear from you.  We should hookup via email or phone sometime and catch up on life, audio, etc...

I hope that work, life and all is treating you well!


Hey there Mark!  Holy Elrod!!  😂. I haven’t looked at your system in maybe 2 years!  Wow lots of changes!  Looks great and sounds fab I’m sure!  I’ve always loved the Elrod look, beautiful.  Seems to be some Elrod availability on the market these days…..might have to try one again!  Hope you and yours are all well.  Wow was thinking I first chatted with you back in the Edge days!!  Things have come a long way!  All the best.


It's been a few years for sure,...3-5 sounds about right.

Thank you again for the comments here.  It's great to hear from you.

If you have half a day or more to get up to Greenville in the fall let me know and you are welcome for a listen.



Thanks , Yea, I’ve really upgraded and happy on the sq I’m getting , now 
We talked 3-5 years ago ? 
Anyway thanks for feedback 

Even though it is the lower high end , I’m enjoying immensely.
The turntable add is pretty spectacular at its price point .

I’ve listened to all your valor and amps at Doug’s over the last year or so 
Another buddy has Whispers and all tube setup with dual subs , so I’m familiar with your  sq !!!!

Not bad 

Ps: I’ll be in Columbia this fall for southern 500 in darlington ( one of my punch list to do items )



Thank you Jeff, it's great to hear from you!  The Valor speakers are definitely substantial (severe understatement), even more so with the new upgraded Wavelet II.  The way these larger drivers convey sound is in a word, effortlessly and I've yet to find their limit of where the speaker stops being musical, where it would sound brash, etc... I received these in early June 2020 and I am, no exaggeration, learning what they can do more and more on what seems to be a weekly basis!

The new i.V4 Ultra amp, also installed here about 1 month before the Valors back in 2020 continues to defy my old biases regarding the need for big powerhouse Class A, A/B amps that weigh well over 100 pound in order to have big, dynamic, and expansive sound.  When you take into consider the price of 4 channels was at the time $8250 in "Ultra" configuration, it still baffles me how good it sounds.  Again, no exaggeration however I will stop there so I don't start into the magic audiophile words zone :-)

The TAD R1 Mk2's were and are a great speaker. The best part is I was lucky enough to sell them a very good friend in Atlanta so I've already heard them once since they left here and I'm looking forward to additional listening sessions as he's been very busy with additional upgrades and should have a set of DarTZeel 468s and the matching new generation preamp in the near future so I'm looking forward to hearing how they sound with the DarT's compared to his Accuphase A-200 monos and matching pre (which is already excellent).

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your system and alot of great music!

If you are ever in the area, you are always welcome to have a listen.



Lots of changes 
How do you like new ultra amp?
The valors are pretty substantial, big drivers yield big sound !
How did you end up with esoteric for your front end ?
They make great stuff, but are not pushed much by media 

Big change from TAD 



Thank you @jond !

It takes the same number of people (two) that would be required change footers and not a lot more in terms of process.

That is certainly "the" question when it comes to anything like this for a speaker of this size. The initial install, as with installing footers
of any other kind and moving a good sized speaker like this, was a two-person job and some careful thought. The essential ingredient was
to know exactly where the speakers sound best in the room both playing as passive speakers and also with the Room Correction that
Legacy Wavelet provides (which does NOT get you out of the task of doing proper passive speaker "best location" placement). After almost
2 years and a lot of experimentation I had found the best place for the speakers in the current room so step 1 was to precisely mark the outside
edge (outline) of the speaker base on the floor so I knew exactly where the speaker needed to be sighted in to coincide with once on the podiums.

Step 2, with 2 guys working together was to have 1 of us rock the speaker gently back on its back 2 legs while the other carefully slide the Townshend podium into place all the way up to the back speaker footers. Step 3 was then both of us "walking" the speaker and getting it centered on the platform and squared off. Step 4 was one person hold the speaker while the other got down on the floor and pushed the Townshend platforms back and sliding them into their near-final place with some "sighting in" and verifying with (Step 5) a couple of minor adjustments to get the speaker and podium to align the speaker over the blue masking tape targets on the floor on all sides. Step 6 then is adjusting the isolation pods (the legs) in pairs to make sure the podium is floating no more than an inch above the floor and even on all sides to get it level to the human eye. Step 7 is taking good "calibrated/verified" level and checking the speaker on all sides front and back to ensure it is completely level and 100% vertically aligned straight as well.

Moving the speakers on the podiums themselves was the same "walking" motion and process due to the extremely thick and hard blasted finish they manufacture.

Sliding the podiums themselves on a smooth surface takes some care and even force on 2 legs at a time; someone to steady the speaker vertically helps however I did do it myself a few days ago as there was a slight distance away from the target markings where is missed. I was able to get push the podiums myself with a bit of care. It would have been better or at least less disconcerting to have a helper but I figured it out on my own.

They tell me that on carpet the podiums with their slick disc footers on the legs will move; I see that as requiring more care, a bit more force and definitely not done without a second person as carpet is more challenging to contend with. They did tell me they have many customers who use them on carpet so they can surely advise as to best techniques.

Hope this answers your question...


zephyr thanks for the very kind offer it's been years since I've been to SC but if I am ever there again I'll look you up. And congrats on your new upgrades the only question I have is how many people does it take to get a podium under a 300lb speaker??!!



Just completed a major upgrade in terms of totally decoupling an almost 300 lb speaker that stands 6 feet 1 inch tall from the room to eliminate the prodigious amounts of energy this speaker can produce from feeding into the floor and subfloor (and crawlspace under house) and ultimately feeding back into the speaker.  This delivered a lot more than even the highest expectations I had.  I'd researched available options for over a year and even considered going back to the use of Stillpoint Ultras 5's (now v2) or other footers like Magico MPODs (sized for M6 speakers) or the larger IsoAcoustics footers and received a great recommendation from a friend to look at Townshend Audio from the UK.


Townshend Audio custom podium journey….began this design project back in January after several months last year of investigation into many other excellent products in this space from HiFiStays, Magico MPODS, IsoAcoustics and many others.


I decided upon Townshend after quite a few conversations with other “big speaker owners” who had bought and used all other top offerings for high-end footers with the larger speakers models from YG Acoustics, Wilson, Magico and also Legacy Whisper XDS and MBL 101e MkII and MBL Extreme owners.  They all wound up with Townshend’s podiums as their preferred solution, some after spending many thousands more on competing solutions.


Townshend makes 5 different standard sizes of the platforms for different combinations of size plinth and weight-bearing capacity from 50kg up to 200kg.  They can accommodate any speaker over 200kg of any weight through a custom design and going from 4 to 6 load cells.


Due to the unique angled back profile, the size of the Legacy Valor plinth, a 298-pound actual weight of my speakers as-built and the height (6 feet 1")

plus their load distribution a custom sized Townshend product was needed.  The same is true of the other Wilson, larger Magico, MBL and YG owners

I spoke with.  The process of collaborating with Townshend was great and they were extremely responsive at all points even allowing me first hand calls and emails with their lead engineer to arrive at the CAD drawings needed to commission the project.   As a result, they now have an option for any Legacy VALOR owner in their design portfolio.


Townshend completed the order after commit in the shortest time possible (about 5-6 weeks) and then shipped them in custom-built real wood crates. They arrived without any issue whatsoever.


The finish quality is heavy duty, beautiful and first class in every way.  I am very happy with the end product.  This project was measured and designed down to millimeters to facilitate the CAD and laser-cutting processes.  When I got them out of the crates, they were exactly to promise and to measure.


Pardon the blue masking tape in the photos...I am still tweaking final speaker position based upon original best-position.


The playback quality of the speakers once installed on them far exceeds any expectations I had, and have markedly improved every single aspect of playback, including bass of course, all the way up through midrange and treble clarity, total imaging, soundstage depth, density, 3D rendering, etc..


It's also an amazing thing to see an almost 300 lb, 6' 1" speaker "float" and when pushed, easily move in 3 dimensions, and quickly absorb the shocks and return to stationary in a matter of seconds.  The bigger surprise is to feel absolutely zero vibration and resonance in the floor directly in front of the speaker and yet feel the force of bass, mid-bass, etc...moving air.


Very happy with the results and looking forward to listening to a lot more music to re-explore my speakers! 


After many months of looking for options to find a destination HDMI cable made with a pure focus on the needs of high-speed audio data-only protocols like ES-LINK2, ES-LINK3, 4 and 5 by Esoteric, I've upgraded to a handmade bespoke cable design by Aldwin at TUBULUS cables in the Netherlands ("CONCENTUS" model).   Outstanding results....the Audioquest Firebird 48 HDMI's were and are a great cable. I do find that last bit of refinement in all categories is delivered, at least in this system, by the Tubulus CONCENTUS cable choice...


Thank you @jond ! I very much appreciate the comments!  I've had other more typical "big bad solid state amps" over the years like the Edge NL12.1's, Esoteric A-02, etc..and loved them.  This Legacy i.V4 Ultra amp really gets the job done and for 4 channels covering mids and treble separately, uniformly with the built-in amplification in the Valor speakers and at a price that I still some days cannot fathom how reasonable it is.  I may try other amps in the future like Esoteric S1X if they ever bring that out (don't have room for 4 M1X's :-) ) however any amps that enter the system now have a VERY high bar to jump.  In short, this amp allows me to have the unified system build view you called out for the speaker side, while sticking a long-time favorite (Esoteric) for the source side.

Thank you once again,...if you are ever near Greenville SC, you are welcome to visit and to enjoy a system that I think makes very realistic and enjoyable music across all genres (and I like alot of different kind of music).  

I'll be updating with a couple new photos a bit later; about a week ago I finally concluded on an install of what turned out to be a much bigger upgrade in terms of return on investment than I thought it would be.  That namely is the update to custom-made (size and weight-bearing config) TOWNSHEND AUDIO PODIUMs....

More on that later....thank you again!


Wow zephyr how have I never seen this system before? Those Valor's look well valorous? ;) I'm sure they sound spectacular and talk about a system approach Legacy all the way back end and Esoteric all the way front end. And the most exquisite cable management I've ever laid eyes on very well done all the way around!


Thank you!!! Very soon!


Wow.  Congrats, Zephy -- and I cannot wait to wrap my ears around these developments!


Great new additions in the cable area with ELROD Masters Series cables and Shunyata OMEGA in 2021 as well as ELROD Masters Series cables.  The biggest upgrades came after long searches and listening comparisons the last 3 years; added Esoteric C-02X preamplifier and the Grandioso P1 and D1 stack,...the effects of which are immediately obvious from the first minutes of play as output by the VALOR speakes which I've had now for over 1.5 years and am still discovering more that they can do...


All new photos of reorganized system layout with particular attention to cable layout, organization and optimization including even more isolation.  I started with a goal of organizing and making better use of space and wound up with a definite audible benefit, much more than expected.  Even more clear and layered instrument, voice and ensemble location accuracy within the soundstage.  Hope you'll enjoy the new photos!


@cymbop Thank you very much,...I appreciate them very much and I'm glad you enjoyed music on the system as much as I do.  Thanks for sharing time and some great music!


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