After trying many approaches and spending much money, I've finally found a great pairing with the Vinnie Rossi LIO modular amp/pre-amp/DAC/phono stage and the KEF LS-50 speakers. These two just make music sing in my living room like nothing I've ever had before. Huge stage, precise imaging, gorgeous tone, and a dynamic and muscular hold of the music at both low and high volumes. Tons of reviews and literature out there on them both and they both live up to the hype like no other components I've ever owned in my 30 years in the hobby. Both are Stereophile "Class A" rated and for good reason.

I'm using the Auralic Aries as a DS for streaming my music library (Redbook and high resolution FLAC). The sonic capabilities of it are better than everything else in it's price point (only the likes of the top LINN units are better) and lots of people rave about it - it's a Stereophile "class A" rated component.  Personally, I find the software lacking and it requires me to re-initialize and re-index every time I add music. I'll move on when I find something better or when Vinnie Rossi adds a DS streamer module to the LIO.
The Rega RP-6 is a "class B" component and a pretty good bang for the buck (table and cart for just under $2,000). I most like that it is a no-frills and low maintenance table that doesn't require a lot of effort on my part to maintain. I'll probably up the cartridge at some point and may move up to the RP-8 or RP-10 at some point should I feel the need, but for now this table does a fine job with my old school jazz and classic rock records.
I also have a Sonos Connect in the system.  While the hardware is a bit middling for a top shelf Hi-Fi system, since I'm only using it for streaming services like Deezer, Pandora, and Songza. The user interface and the vast array of available services is what sets Sonos apart from every other streaming device - the only thing that comes close is an actual computer connected via USB, but who wants to deal with that?  Sonos units can be moded to up their performance and as I listen to steaming services more and more, I likely will consider it.
The unsung hero in my system are Paul Speltz's Anticables. The name comes from the fact that every cable is extruded copper wire, and not stranded cables. Without question the best bang for the buck in cables. The performance equals the Nordost Heimdal line I long used but at a fraction (I'm talking 1/8th) the cost. Neutral, colorless, and easy to live with, you will have to spend a ton more to improve on them. I honestly don't see myself using anything else unless something blows my socks off.

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    • Vinnie Rossi LIO Delux
    Fully loaded LIO with tube stage AVC, DSD/PCM DAC, Phono Stage with Remote Cartridge Loading, and MOSFET Amp.
    • KEF LS-50
    Special Edition
    • Auralic Aries
    Step up version with Fetmo clocks and low noise linear power supply.
    • Rega RP-6
    White with Exact 2 cartridge
    • Anti Cables All cabling
    Speaker Wire, USB, Digital
    • Sonos Connect
    For streaming services

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Good for you.  I have heard the Lio and its a great product.  I think Vinnie is coming out with a streamer based on the raspberry Pi.


Cool system. Vinnie is a friend of mine. Try the SBooster ECO Linear Power Supply with Ultra Filer for your Aries. I tried it and love it....


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