I'm really very fortunate to have a system and space that are so utterly satisfying to me. I can just get lost in here.

3/22/16 Edit: Earlier this year I replaced EMM Labs DCC2 SE and CDSD SE with an Allnic L-3000 Mk II tube preamp and a Playback Designs MP-5 Reference SACD/CD Player/DAC.  I could not possibly be happier!

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Furutech GTX-D (G) Electric Outlets
    Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Gold Plating (2)
    • Hifi-Tuning Gold Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses
    Used in the amp and power conditioners.
    • High Fidelity Cables CT-1 RCA Interconnects
    Analog front end
    • Silver Circle Audio Timewise XLR Interconnects
    3 meter Timewise (XLR Gold Furutech) - Preamp-to-Amp
    • Silver Circle Audio Monorails Speaker Cables
    • Silver Circle Audio Vesuvius Power Cord
    Used on SDS, DCC2, CDSD
    • Dream State Audio Lucid Dream 4' Power Cord
    Silver Circle Audio 5.0se (power conditioner for amp) to the amp
    • Dream State Audio Dream Catcher 6' Power Cord
    From Silver Circle Audio 5.0se (amp power conditioner) to the wall outlet.
    • Silver Circle Audio 5.0 Power Conditioner
    Power Conditioner - Front End
    • Silver Circle Audio 5.0se Power Conditioner
    Power Conditioner - Amp
    • Soliloquy 6.5 Speakers
    These speakers punch so far above their weight class that I shudder to think of the cost to better them. SO impressed with these speakers.
    • Sutherland Engineering Hubble Phonostage
    Battery-powered, dual-mono phonostage with custom mods by Ron Sutherland.
    • Miyajima Shilabe
    Luscious sound from this African Blackwood beauty.
    • VPI Industries SDS
    SYNCHONOUS DRIVE SYSTEM (SDS) - Speed Control Device Provides Dead-On-Accurate Speed for Perfect Timing and Lowest-Possible Wow and Flutter From Your VPI Turntable. Motor Speed Controller and AC Line Isolator Improves All Frequencies, Noise Floor, and Imaging
    • VPI Industries Outer Ring Clamp
    VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp
    • VPI Industries HRX S/S Center Wt
    • VPI Industries Classic 3
    Piano Black wicked beauty with 3D Printed Tonearm
    • Plinius SA-Reference
    Quite possibly the last amp I'll ever own. Glad I got mine 4 years ago since it seems like they've gone up about US$1k per year since then to well over US$20k. Here is a nice review by ToneAudio.
    • Allnic Audio L-3000 Mk II
    Tube Preamp
    • Playback Designs MP-5
    Reference SACD/CD Player & DAC

Comments 12

Great looking room! I'll bet it sounds fantastic with your system as well. 
I thought your response to an obvious "moron" was the best I've seen so far. Prickly without going over the top.
I too disagree with what he says. Though a lot of electrical engineers seem to share the same feelings. Unfortunate. They ought to listen without all their high priced prejudices. I have heard systems on the quite modest side sound much improved with better cabling. I'd put cabling at the top of the list. This I know.
Shows how much he knows. Little I'd say.
Anyways I'm sure you are enjoying your music immensely. Happy listening!

Gregory, Canada.


The room caught my eye and it looks great as I'm sure it sounds great.

I really liked your reply to the hater in addition.

Enjoy in good health.


Very nice system in a very nice "man cave".  Loved your response to the "nay sayer".  There seem to be no shortage of people with strong opinions out there.  What the heck, if you enjoy yourself with this hobby, that's all that really counts!


That is a nice system and a good looking room.  My current room has a peaked midline and it sounds great.  I like the wall cabinets too.  Also, I enjoyed your response to the moron, well done.



I enjoyed the well worded response.
Well done!

Nice system



@squidcap Thanks loads for your constructive comments.  But have careful consideration I've determined you to be a fucking moron.  You know nothing of my room or it's sound.  Being a moron is not the end of the world, and may not even be all your fault.  Genetics could possibly be involved.  But the fact that you joined Audiogon under this user name on the exact same day as you left this load of dribble and this is the ONLY comment you've made under this clever disguise and it closely coincides with another series of crap laden posts under a different username, it's pretty obvious who you are.  The fact that you chose this path of cowardly anonymity simply shows you to be the whiny little bitch that you are.  While you being a fucking moron could possibly be blamed on genetics, this cannot.  It was a choice.


The room and the system are hopelessly mismatched. When i see few absorption panels installed on a longitudinal room with sloped roof and our triangle is so pointy you can put out an eye and then a frekin gpower cable is upgraded? What the F? Who ever think this is a good system, is mistaken. No doubt the components individually sound great but the priorities are:

Everything else.

Speaker response fluctuations are at best +/-1db, usually we are talking about +/-3dB.
Room nodes can have +/-12dB at worst. In a room like this one, that is exactly what we are fighting against. Mountains.
Amps, DACs etc effect on the "sound" is quite minimal and requires very very good room and system to have even a chance of detecting anything. DB tests so far have shown that there are no audible differences between amps driven at nominal level as long as we re talking about gear that is designed to be transparent (amps that deliberately color the sound are not amps but include some processing or filtering). Same has been shows to be true in DACs, if there are differences, they are minimal.
Cables can affect the sound, when we take two examples from opposite ends of spectrum. But again, it is ebatable if we can hear those or not. Roll-off can increase 0.1dB and there is no human alive that can pick that up but it is at least in theory, possible.

So in that sense, where is the logic of marginally improving components that are meant to be transparent while totally skipping the mountains of mistakes. You can't polish a turd, no matter how many bling bling cables you buy, invest in diffusion, arrange your room better, take the freakin gFAN off the ceiling before trying to buy monoblocks, for fucks sake.. That thing is basically a Leslie unit on the ceiling.. and we have cable bling, in the form of power and digital cables, nothing is more idiotic.. Interconnects and speaker cables i can somewhat understand but my electrician training, my audio engineer and sound designer education plus 30 years on the field says: "this guy has too much money and no common sense".

Sell you monoblocks and cables and get a professional, he will fix that room with 4000$ worth of gear and make it sound ten times better.



@Albertporter - That's a very generous offer! Thanks a lot and let me get back to you on that. :-)

You’re also welcome to visit here for music if travel brings you to the DFW area.

Surely I have one or two titles that are the same as your library. It would be nice to meet another music lover.


@Lak - Kind thanks! We've got some similar gear!

@Lloydc - You got that right! It's embarrassing that the 4th largest city in the US can't support even ONE decent audio showroom.

@Albertporter - That's a very generous offer! Thanks a lot and let me get back to you on that. :-)


Think how great those speakers would sound without all that software in the way.

Seeing as how I live in Texas I’m willing to drive to your place and pick up all that excess software to help out ;-).


Very nice! Intrigued by the Soliloquy speakers. I live in Houston too, not the easiest place to be an audiophile.


Nice looking system!


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