My journey into music started about 5 years ago when I received a Turntable and Speakers from my room mate. They were a Technics Quarts Drive and Polk TSI300 Towers. My wife wanted a surround so I got a Pioneer VSX1021. This is where I started to learn about speaker placement and found how I could squeeze every bit of music I had out of my speakers. I then upgraded to the Pro-Ject TT. This was a night and day difference. I craved more! after I convinced the wife we went through a few shops and demoed Paradigm, B&W, and Martin Logan. There were others but in my price range and to our tastes these companies stood out. I ended up going Electrostatic. I will never look back! I love how spacious and exact everything is. 

There is nothing quite like listening to records and drinking (coffee in the morning, whiskey at night )

My plan for the future is to get a separate amp for the stats. I like the idea of Emotiva but I havn't gotten that far yet. I also need a new Pre, whether that is a receiver so my wife can keep her center channel and surrounds, or a stereo pre amp, only time will tell. I think the big catalyst for change will come when I move into a house so I can have a dedicated room. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Pioneer VSX-1021
    This was my first piece of the system put together when I started with budget Polk TSI300's. This is the piece I am trying to upgrade. The wife likes the reciever/ surround sound so I am trying to fond something with Pre-outs to add a beefy amp to help power the ESL's.
    • Pro-Ject Debut Carbn
    When I got this table I had a bit of motor noise. I took out the shipping screws and that issue was resolved. Whenever the seasons change I have to adjust the washers to avoid a buzz, but so far I love this Turntable. I was using an older Technics P mount TT but this upgrade was perfect. I plan on getting a speed box in the near future too.
    • Martin Logan ESL
    Martin Logan ESL's are super crisp and fast. I demoed these up against Paradigm and B&W but in this price range I couldn't be happier with the sound from these babies.
    • Sony 55XBR850
    55XBR850 Sony's second year 4k model. I generally will throw on album artwork as im listening.
    • AudioQuest Type 4
    I compared this to Kimber Kable, I found the AQ to have a bit more body or Umph! Maybe I was crazy but I like it :)

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Thanks @dacostab, I will have to join. I have pulled them out as far as midway through the room. I find that i lose lower frequencies. The actual panel is about 4 ft from the rear walls right now. I think once i get a new amp that can fill the room more efficiently I can pull them out a bit.


You should join the Martin Logan owners club at  Display your system there, and you will get very useful comments for optimum system placement, e.g. the speakers are far too close to the wall behind.


Music is always better with java.  Press pot is the way to go.  Enjoy the journey.....:)


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