After much searching, I finally made a HiFi setup that meets my aspirations.

Patiently upgraded components: excellent ceramic speakers, Berkeley Alpha DAC, Berkeley USB interface, Nordost Valhalla speaker cables, power cables and AES / EBU connectivity, Audioquest Amazon analog interconnection and Diamond USB cable, analogue connection of Kubala Sosna Elation.

I've long been looking for a good sound source until I found the winning combination of HTPC with Seasonic Power Supply and a Gigabyte dual-layered copper-plated motherboard.

Also, I changed the big amplifier: Pass Aleph DIY of the highest quality components. The amplifier sounds great and can be the most problematic speakers.

I then used the Ayon Spirit III amplifier with KT150 tubes. An excellent amplifier, especially in trio mode. A highly accurate, dynamic, large stage with its speakers without any problems with the most demanding orchestral sections.

Finally he got the chance and got Ayon Crossfire II, a one-piece triangular amplifier, for SET, very powerful, 30 watts per channel thanks to the special Ayon tube 62B. With this amplifier all come together, and finally I have achieved a long-sought nirvana.

Now I enjoy every shot, from rock and jazz to the most complex classical music. These days my favorite recordings are opera dive: Netrebko, Gheorghiu. It's like a few feet ahead of me and they just sing for me. Priceless.

Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 16’

Components Toggle details

    • Silverstone/Gigabyte/AMD Personal computer as digital source
    • AudioQuest Diamond USB cable
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB interface
    • Nordost Valhalla AES/EBU 110 Ohm digital cable
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC
    DA Converter
    • AudioQuest Amazon RCA interconnects
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Elation! balanced interconnects
    • Ayon Audio Crossfire II single ended triode integrated amplifier
    • Nordost Valhalla Ref spk
     Speaker cable
    • Accuton / Scan Speak 3 Way speakers
    3 way speakers with Scan Speak R2904/700000 tweeters, Accuton C173-6-090 midrange and 3 x Accuton C173-11-095 bass drivers.
    6 dB/oct crossover with Mundorf Solver/Oil capacitors, Mundorf EVO silver/gold/oil capacitors, Mundorf MCoil AirCore CFC 12 coils, Mundorf MCoil FERON Zero-Ohm coils.
    • Nordost Valhalla power cord 2 pieces
    • DIY power cords silver/teflon 1 pieces x 1m

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Finally got the chance and I got Ayon Crossfire II, single-ended triode amplifier, due to the structure, very high power, 30 watts per channel, thanks to the special Ayon tube 62B. With this amplifier all come together, and I finally achieved the long-sought nirvana.

Now I enjoy every shot, from rock and jazz to the most complex of classical music. These days my favorite recordings of opera diva: Netrebko, Gheorghiu... As if they were a few meters in front of me and sing just for me.



After months of listening Nordost Valhalla mains cord, one on Ayon Spirit amplifier, the second at Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC, I want to make impressions. Before these cables used a DIY silver / Teflon cables.
Nordost Valhalla increased stage in width, depth and height. Timbre of instruments and vocals gained in naturalness. The voices of soprano, who are in the upper basis known to be a bit thin, now have a natural fullness. And piano was given to the fullness, clearly hear the keys and renders the body of the instrument. It is much better micro dynamics.
Progress beyond expectations.


Thanks, forgisound!  Your feedbacks helped me greatly.  I'm using the Shuguang BT KT88 on my Ayon Tritton.  I guess no need for me to upgrade to the KT150.  Thanks again.


I did not give a detailed opinion.
My Ayon Spirit had Ayon Black Treasure KT88 tubes and Gold Lion KT88 tubes. With Ayon BT tubes liked it better than the Gold Lion.
The sound of the KT150 tube is a little better and more potent than Ayon BT KT88, but the difference is not great. The sound of tubes Ayon BT also great. You can order the cheaper Chinese Black Treasure tubes and enjoy.


I'm glad you like my Hi Fi. Thank you.

In it he invested a lot of love and effort, although there are still opportunities for improvement.

A friend of mine persuaded me to get the turnable. I listened to some turntables. I should be a minimum of $ 7,000 for the integration of the gramophone that played better than what I have. Plus, I have no records. We'll see what time will bring.


What a gorgeous, gorgeous system!  Thanks for sharing.


Thanx for comment.
I'm drive in the Graz, Austria, in Ayon factory. But I live close, in Zagreb, Croatia. 
Received me Ayon owner Gerhard Hirt personally and explained all the details. A very kind gentleman.
Ayon employee upgraded amplifier at KT150.
With KT 150 sound is better, more precise, bigest and deep soundstage. And have more power.
I think, you can buy KT150 and upgraded, it will work, but for KT150 Ayon upgraded firmware and change autobias.


Nice setup.  Did your Ayon comes with the KT150 tubes or you upgraded?  Mine came with the KT88 tubes and I'm not sure if there is any issue if I use KT150 tubes.


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