small home theatre used daily for movies and music. the addition of 2 subs to the front greatly enhanced my music enjoyment and add great dynamics to movies and music

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Paradigm ps1000v.2
    2 subs running with the revels to make them full range speakers
    • Onkyo thx reciver
    thx aprooved receiver. an awesome fit with the revel speakers
    • revel Loudspeakers m12
    great speaker when teamed up with a sub
    • Paradigm ps-1000v.3
    the .1 sub, used only for movies
    • LG Electronics 55 inch plasma
    thx tv, awesome color

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thanks for the comments. Yes 4 m12's and a revel concerta center channel. 3 subs, 2 ps1000v.2 connected to the front m12 for full range speakers and a ps1000v.3 in the rear of the room for the .1 channel. had some trouble when loading my info, a cheap sony blueray player for movies and a Cambridge audio azur cd player for music. also a sony ps2 and a xbox for my son to play games


That's quite a cozy room.  No doubt, your movie viewing is quite the thrill!




Love your system. I seems very nice but your gear listing seems incomplete.
Are you using five M12 speakers to include center and rears? Do you have 3 subs? And what is your source?


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