A Multi-CHannel (MCH) audio / video system based around Meridian's G68 Digital Processor.  Ability to play ANY media imaginable in any channel configuration up to 5.1.  With the Audiokinesis SWARM system in place, my system is actually a "5.3(7)" with two subwoofers in the Quatro Woods, and five SWARM subwoofers placed asymmetrically about the listening room.  Flat bass with no room nodes, combined with Vandersteen phase coherent midrange and high frequency reproduction.  

I would put this system up against ANY 2-channel system out there in terms of full range reproduction impact and accuracy.  Sounds just like the SLSO in Powell Hall with the right recording (Telarc, Leonard Slatkin, the SLSO in its prime, and Gershwin's Porgy and Bess !!)  

The Oppo 205 / Roku 3600 provides high rate Internet streaming from Berlin Philharmonic, etc., with all D/A conversion through Meridian's apodizing reconstruction filters - the very best in the business, (including DCS) because of their time accuracy (no pre-echo).  Blusound Node2i streamer provides high definition stereo sound from Qobuz, Tidal, Internet Radio, etc.  Simple to set-up and great GUI on my iPhone

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Meridian G68XXD and UHD722 Digital Processors
    Meridian G68 with linear power supply and balanced outputs.  UHD722 allows for HDMI inputs with no digital noise in the cabinet, and passes 4K video to my Sony VPL-VW285ES projector.
    • Sony VPL-VW285ES 4K LCOS SXRD Projector
    Native 4K Video Projector with a whisper quiet fan.  Unbelievable detail and vivid colors !!
    • Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) VK-6200
    5-channel balanced power amplifier - 200W+ per channel on dedicated circuit.
    • Vandersteen Quatro Wood, VCC-5 and (2) VSM-1 surround speakers
    5.1 configured loudspeaker array.  Quatro's have integral subwoofers with 250W built-in amps.
    • Audiokinesis SWARM Subwoofer array
    5-channel subwoofer array, asymmetrically placed around the listening room to defeat all room nodes and anti-nodes.  Works so well that the Meridian Room Correction software only created two filters on calibration.
    • SOTA Sapphire Turntable with MDC-800 tonearm and Miyajima Shilabe MC cartridge
    Superb belt drive TT with Fletcher's masterpiece tonearm.  Works well with the Miyajima Shilabe MC cartridge.  Linked to Colburn's wonderful and super quiet Pass XP-25 phono stage Input 2
    • VPI HW-19 Mk IV with FR-64fx tonearm with Koetsu Urushi MC and SDS Power Supply
    Excellent removable headshell tonearm with five cartridges: Koetsu Urushi Gold, Benz-Micro Wood L, Ortofon Synergy SPU, Soundsmith Modded Yamaha MC-1X SPU, and Miyajima Zero Mono cartridge linked to Pass XP-25 Input 1
    • Pass Labs XP-25 Phono Preamp
    Noiseless phono preamp from Wayne Colburn for all phono amplification.  Front panel controls for loading (resistive and capacitive) and gain allows optimization for any cartridge used.
    • Oppo Digital UDP-205
    Digital Disc Player with 4K video capability.  Roku 3600 HDMI stick links to Wi-Fi sources.
    • Blusound Node 2i
    Digital Streamer  Provides up to 24 bit / 96 Khz sound from Qobuz, Tidal, Internet radio, etc.  Works great into Meridian G68 Processor
    • Gramophone 1906-made wind-up 78 rpm record player in mint condition !
    I got this on Ebay from a guy in Mumbai, India for $200.  To my complete astonishment, it works great !  

    Requires a new steel stylus for each play - the records are made with slate dust and are harder than the soft steel stylus in the reproducer !

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