My goal was to build one system that sounded good with home theater, multi-channel and two channel music. I am bi-amping the LSA 2s using 4 channels from the Integra receiver with Morrow SP4 speaker cables. Bi-amping is option with this receiver. Also, the Integra receiver was upgraded by the Upgrade Company. It has plenty of power, 145 watts per channel, and sounds really good for 2 channel music. 

My turntable is the original VIP Nomad with 10" tone arm, built in phono preamp and head-phone amp. upgraded the stock rubber feet to machined cone-point feet and upgraded the cartridge to the Ortofon 2M Blue. I'm running Kimber Silver Streaks from the turntable with no hum issues. I like that the VPI Nomad has a built in phono preamp because I don't have room for a separate phono preamp unless I expand. 

I'm running the OPPO to the receiver via HDMI and letting the receiver's Burr Brown DACS do the decoding for CDs and DVDs. 

This is the best sounding system I've every had in my home. More importantly, its a fun system to listen to. I've had systems that sound good with certain types of music or specific recordings. This system sounds good with pretty much all my music. Both CDs and LPs sound fabulous.

The subwoofer is a Paradigm PDR 12 leftover from my previous system. It has been integrated using Audyssey MyltiEQ room correction in the receiver. I may upgrade this down the road but I only use it for HT. So not a priority. 

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    • LSA 2 Towers
    • VPI Nomad Turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge
    Original VPI Nomad with 2M Blue and upgraded isolation feet
    • Integra DTR 80.3
    • LSA LCR
    • LSA On Wall
    • Oppo Digital BDP-93

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Thanks for the nice comments. In response to treadman, yes these speakers are fabulous. I am taken back how good they are. Especially, for the price. My understanding is the LSA 2 tower is a modified Von Schweikert VR-2. Larry Staples of LSA Group got the design and modified the speaker and they are voice by John Tucker of Exemplar Audio. 

Rainteaut, thanks for the comments and advice. I'll check it out. I did order a digital deck soft cover with cut-outs in the back for my RCAs. I didn't want to spend hundreds on cover for this table. Plus, my system in is the basement so no one see it unless I'm playing music :-)


Lovely system. I am a vinyl fan myself and notice that you have a mat on your VPI. If you find that dust on the platter is a problem check out dust-o-disc on amazon. A inexpensive way to protect your platter from dust accumulation.
Enjoy you music.


Do those Towers sound as gorgeous as they look?


Really a beautiful system. I'm also a believer in combining a mult-channel system w/ vinyl. You seem to have chosen your equipment wisely.


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