This is a system put together in a vaulted ceiling room that is 15 ft. wide by 24 ft. long. The ceiling starts from the speaker end at 8 ft. going to 18 ft. high at the opposite end.  The Mono amps has 500 watts with 100 amps and pre is the 2200 tubed mac. With digital, using a Aurender streamer connected to an Ayers QB9 DSD USB DAC. The CD is Ayres universal CD as well as BMC belt drive transport with a matching DAC. I now have analog led by a turntable that is on magnetic feet with an Sound Smith cartridge. The speaker have 1000 watts of internal power for the two 12" woofers per speaker. The speakers have an active cross over that is DSP programmable for maximum control.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Legacy Audio Aries

    Legacy Audio AERIS Sapele-Pommele Cabernet & Black Pearl Finish
    • Legacy Audio Wavelet Processor
    Electronic crossover and room correction processor
    • Ayre QB-9 DSD Flagship USB DAC
    A great DAC set up for just USB input
    • Ayre Acoustics C-5xe MP
    Cd player Universal
    • BMC B.M.C. DAC1
    High end DAC
    • BMC BMC BDCD1.1
    Transport (Belt drive)
    • McIntosh c2200
    Pre amp
    • McIntosh Mc 501's
    • APC H15
    Power Conditioner
    • NAD C446 / C 446 AM/FM & Digital Media Tuner
    A nice up to date turner that I can stream off the internet as well as play local FM and AM
    • Small Audio Manufactor Reference turntable
    This is a custom turntable (belt drive)
    • Alto-Extremo NeoFlex magnetic Feet magnectic isolation feet for turntable
    An excellent product to isolate the turntable from any viberations
    • Monk Audio Phono Preamp
    A very versatile  phono pre amp that can handle three different cartridges at the same time. German made external power supply
    A custom 10" arm
    • Soundsmith The voice
    A very highly regarded phono cartridge
    • Ayre DX-5 DSD
    A great universal player
    • Aurender N 100 H
    A good streamer easy to use
    • Mytek Brooklyn DAC
    This is a good addition for handling Tidal with MQA.

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Thanks for the comment as I have follow your system and knowledge for some time. You were one of the first to use the Aries as your mains. I am still working as everyone else is on these site on getting things together.


What a wonderful and room and the AERIS plus Wavelet to crown the achievement! It must sound amazing!


Adding a Aurender N100H Upgraded w/SR Black Fuses to the front end and replacing the Ayre C-5Xe with a Ayre DX 5 DSD. Photos to follow


Replaced the Mc352 for a pair of Mc 501's


Update replaced the Xilica XP 4080 with the new Wavelet. Will be hooking it up this week.


Adding analog to the system piece by piece. Will be adding photos soon.


update : added the Ayre QB-9 DSD Flagship USB DAC for just streaming from the Salk USB output. It is a great DSD which the Salk handles.


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