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    • Apple iPad Pro
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Hugo TT

    Hugo TT DAC/headphone amp

    With the new Hugo TT (Table Top) we've built on the extraordinary success of our genre-defining Hugo DAC/headphone amplifier. The new larger desktop-orientated device offers greater connectivity including a USB-B input, XLR outputs, two quarter inch headphone outputs, plus improved performance and features.

    Compared to the more mobile Hugo, the Hugo TT gains a new larger chassis, remote control, an alphanumeric LED display with input/sample rate data, and improved sonic performance thanks to supercapacitors.  

    Advanced sample rate capability

    The Hugo TT is ready to take advantage of today's advanced studio-master-quality (DXD) music files allowing music lovers to experience music in true high definition, along with the best possible reproduction of CD-quality music. Hugo TT supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical, plus DSD64 on all inputs and DSD128 via coax or USB (all via DoP). 

    In a key upgrade over the original Hugo, the Hugo TT benefits from a high-quality asynchronous B-type USB connection for both the SD and HD USB input. With two further digital inputs: a (new) BNC coaxial and optical (TOSLink), any connected component with a digital output can benefit from the Hugo TT's advanced sound quality.  


    To fully integrate with today's digitally stored media, the new Hugo TT also has A2DP Bluetooth capability and uses a custom-made module with the aptX codec to feed a digital signal directly into the DAC circuitry, so even without cables, music can still be enjoyed.

    Spartan 6 FPGA

    The Hugo TT retains the same high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA that enabled Hugo to redefine the DAC genre in 2014. It has the same specification and measured performance as its mobile sibling, a device that "broke all records" for dynamic range in leading UK hi-fi magazine, Hi-Fi World, in the summer of 2014. 


    Being a home-orientated device, the Hugo TT has been designed to run continuously from the supplied charger, however Chord's engineers have also improved the battery and added Supercap energy storage, a technology seen in F1 where supercacitors back-up the cars batteries by sharing the load and charge demands, thereby protecting them. They serve a similar purpose in the Hugo TT, extending the battery life as well as improving dynamics and demanding transients in recorded music.

    Hugo TT key features

    - Remote control allowing input (source) selection and volume control
    - Alphanumeric LED display to show settings
    - Double the battery capacity of Hugo
    - 10,000,000uF (microfarads) of supercapacitor energy storage
    - Fully balanced outputs using XLR connectors
    - Single-ended RCA outputs
    - BNC coaxial digital input
    - Optical TOSLink input
    - Full-sized B-type USB inputs for both SD USB and HD USB feeds
    - Full galvanic isolation on the HD USB input right up to 384kHz
    - Improved analogue stage output current for low distortion into low impedance loads
    - 2x Quarter-inch jack headphone outputs
    - 1x 3.5mm jack headphone output


    - Advanced digital volume control
    - Crossfeed filter network
    - Battery-powered for power supply isolation 
    - Input selection identification and remote volume up or down indication is via alphanumeric display and colour-changing LED display
    - 26K tap-length filter 
    - THD: 140dB
    - Headphone output: 110dB SPL into a 300ohm headphone load


    - 1x Optical TOSLink 24-bit/192KHz-capable
    - 1x BNC coaxial input 32-bit/384kHz -capable
    - 1x HD/SD USB B-type input up to 32-bit/384kHz


    - 1x3.5mm headphone jack
    - 2x6.35mm (1/4-inch) headphone jack
    - 1x (pair) stereo RCA phono output
    - Fully balanced via XLR connectors


    - 235mm x 45mm x 225mm (WxDx H)
    - Weight 3Kg

    • ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA Analog Interconnects

    The ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA Analog Interconnects use the newest Keith Louis Eichmann's Absolute-Harmony RCA Plugs, which we believe are the best sounding RCA plugs in the world. These RCA plugs are so much better then Mr. Eichmann's PURE-Harmony plugs, we were inspired to push our technology to the maximum to match their musical ability.


    New cable Topologies:

    Instead of using the red coated elongated coil copper wire to serve as both the returning ground wire and the shield wire (as with all our other RCA cable designs), these RCA Interconnect uses two additional ACElectrum Silver/Gold Alloy wires as the return signal path. The three signal carrying wires are then woven in our Delineated Weave™ configuration.

    In addition, the woven signal wires are protected by our new DoubleBack™ shielding configuration. The red colored elongated coil copper wire serves only as the shield wire. It provides twice as many shielding loops per inch then normal, and sinks the noise back to the sourcing component's ground, instead of sending it forward towards the high impedance input of the receiving component.

    NOTE: The shielding is adequate for use between turntables, step-up-transformers, and phono stages. If your turntable requires a DIN terminated phono connection, select the DIN Plug option above. The price will be the same as RCA's, but will include a Cardas DIN plug on the turntable end.



    This configuration provides an even greater picture of each instrument in the recording, and the harmonic beauty of the music. There is better focus and yet another layer of veil (which previously was not even noticed), is now removed.


    Bottom Line:

    When we combine the best sounding RCA plug available (KLEI's ABSOLUTE-Harmony plugs) along with the best sounding interconnect wire we have ever heard (our ACElectrum™ Reference Silver/Gold alloy signal wire), and include our new Delineated Weave™ and  DoubleBack™ shield topologies, you get a world-class interconnect that we are confident will stand up against the best of the best; and will do so for a few hundred (not a few thousand) dollars.


    Learn more about the new ABSOLUTE-Harmony plugs HERE.


    These ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA Analog Interconnects are the world's newest reasonably priced interconnect to beat. We are confident you will enjoy them!



    • Earned Audiophilia's Star Component Award
    • Starts at only $420/pair
    • "NEW" Keith Louis Eichmann ABSOLUTE-Harmony RCA Plugs
    • "NEW" ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors
    • "NEW" Delineated Weave™ configuration
    • "NEW" DoubleBack™ shield topology (adequate for use with turntables)
    • Optional Cardas DIN plug for use with turntable (FREE)
    • Optional 150 hour Burn-in treatment ($25 and additional one week lead time)
    • Optional Cryo & Burn-in treatment ($100 and additional two week lead time)
    • 30 day risk free trial
    • Made in USA (one pair at a time in Lake Elmo MN)
    • Atma-Sphere MA-1Mk. 3.3
    The MA-1 is extraordinary in every way. Not only is normal operation easy on the vacuum tubes, the effect of a tube failure on the unit is entirely inconsequential. Despite its extreme performance, the MA-1 is known for remarkable ease of setup, ease of operation, day-to-day consistency and of course extreme musicality. 

    Featuring our new custom wire, V-Cap Teflon coupling caps, custom resistors, and all the other extras for which we are known, the MA-1 shines as an example of why our amplifiers are the best amplifiers worldwide, regardless of cost.

    • Balanced Differential Design®
    • Class-A operation
    • Patented Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage
    • Automatic biasing system
    • V-Cap copper foil Teflon coupling capacitors
    • Built in VU meter for tube and output monitoring
    • Easily monostrapped for greatly increased power
    • Uses only one gain stage for supreme clarity of sound
    • Proprietary precision components used throughout
    • Low-noise "star" grounding topology
    • Fully hand wired point to point
    • Stable with all input and load conditions
    • Exclusively uses Octal-Triode based vacuum tubes
    • Classic open chassis construction with Wrinkletex™ finish
    • Three-year general coverage warranty with one year warranty on output tubes

    Output power

    140 watts per channel into 8 Ω load
    135 watts per channel into 4 Ω load 


    Input Impedance: 100 KΩ single-ended, 200 KΩ balanced 
    Output Impedance: ~2.3 Ω (power method standard measurement) 


    2.8 V sensitivity 
    RCA and XLR true balanced input 

    Tube complement

    ( per channel ) 14 x 6AS7G output tube 
    5 x 6SN7 driver tube 


    25 dB ( for 8 Ω ) 

    Power Bandwidth

    2 Hz-200 KHz within ½ dB 

    Frequency response

    ( 1 watt, open loop ) 20 Hz squarewave Tilt; unmeasureable 
    1Hz-300KHz within 3 dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion ( THD ) typically 0.5% at full power 
    Intermodulation ( IM ) distortion typically under .005% at full power 
    Phase shift less than 1° @ 20KHz 

    Output section risetime

    600 V/µs 

    Power consumption

    ( per channel ) 500 watts 

    Power Supply storage

    ( per channel ) 600 Joules 


    ( per chassis ) 18" deep x 17" wide x 8.5" tall ( 46 x 43 x 22 cm ) 


    ( per chassis, without tubes ) 36 lbs. ( 16.3 kg ) 


    Three year general coverage 
    One year for output tubes
    • ZERO-Boxes ZERO-Boxes

    A stereo pair of Autoformers used to increase the impedance of a pair of speakers so they look like an easier load to the amplifier.

    The ZEROs are the simplest type of transformer called an auto-transformer or autoformer. They are used to multiply the impedance of any speaker so that it "feels" like the optimum load for the amplifier being used. They are very helpful in matching speakers to amplifiers. By adjusting the speaker's impedance, both the damping factor and the maximum power transfer of the amp/speaker can be tailored for best sound. Almost all amplifiers sound better when driving a higher impedance speaker, because amplifiers produce less distortion when driving less current.

    The ZEROs are a great way to get better amplifier performance when driving low impedance speakers.

    The ZERO-Boxes are simply the "naked" ZERO-Autoformers installed in a beautiful hand crafted lacquer finished solid Cherry or Birdseye Maple wooden box with African Ebony wood accents on the four corners. The connections are available on Cardas solid Copper binding posts allowing you to use your favorite speaker cables. The single pair of binding posts are the connections that go to the speaker. The quad set of binding posts allow you to choose the multiplication factor (depending on which two of the four are connect back to the amplifier). Polarity passes through the box: Left in-Left out, Right in-Right out.



    • 60 day Trial Period
    • Multiply any speaker's impedance by 1.4x, 2x, 3x, or 4x
    • Example: a 4 ohm speaker becomes 6, 8, 12, or 16 ohms
    • Includes a set of Jumpers to connect from the boxes to the speakers
    • Made in USA (one pair at a time in Lake Elmo MN)

    Typical Reported Sound Improvements:

    • Lower distortion "sounds cleaner" (due to an easier load on the amplifier)
    • Firmer bass (due to an increased damping factor)
    • Higher resolution (due to an easier load on the amplifier)
    • More extended and better focused high frequency.


    • Use with any low impedance speaker
    • A problem solving device for when there is an Amplifier/Speaker mismatch
    • Popular when driving Magnepan speakers with Tube Amplifiers
    • Enables using a tube amplifier's better sounding 8 ohm output tap when driving 4 ohm speakers (popular with Audio Research Corp. tube amp owners)

    Greatly Increases Smaller OTL (output transformer less) Amplifiers' Output Power:

    • Get 50 watts/ch out of the 30 watt Atma-Sphere S-30 amp
    • Get 80 watts out of the 60 watt Atma-Sphere M-60 amp

    • Vandersteen 3A Signature
    The components used in the Model 3A Signature combine classic durability and strength with innovative design and construction. The metal-alloy dome tweeter is a dual-chamber design to improve range and linearity. It is critically damped to extend the high frequencies past audibility without the excessive ringing associated with open or underdamped metal dome tweeters. The specific alloy used for the dome was chosen for its superior strength and resistance to break-up.

    With our experience in FFT computer analysis and extensive research into the negative effects of diffraction, we developed a unique midrange driver that held a patent (US Patent # 5073948) for over 20 years before expiring recently. This woven-fiber, aerodynamic midrange is the same driver employed in the Treo, Treo CT and Quatro Wood CT. This midrange outperforms other designs in several significant parameters. In conventional cone midranges, the acoustic energy from the back of the cone immediately strikes the front of the driver's magnet assembly and is reflected back through the cone and into the listening room. This distorted secondary signal created by the internal diffraction smears the sound of the driver and inhibits true transparency. The frontal area of the magnet assembly on the Vandersteen midrange is minimized through the use of advanced materials and construction techniques to reduce internal diffraction and the resultant distortion to inaudible levels. With the elimination of this distortion, the sound of the Model 3A Signature is cohesive and smooth with extraordinary inner detail and resolution.

    The active acoustic coupler and woofer use costly cast-metal baskets rather than the more common stamped baskets. The cast-metal baskets' inherent rigidity and superior vibration control increase cone movement accuracy and resist sympathetic resonances for cleaner and more natural sound. Mineral-filled polycone is used on the woofer to insure high stiffness, superior internal dampening and greater neutrality than metal alloy, woven plastic or treated paper cones. Stiff, low-weight polycones resist flexing under all drive conditions for lower distortion and increased detail.

    The dual-spider active acoustic coupler accurately complements the woofer to reduce box loss, thermodynamic loss and active/passive transfer nonlinearities. This novel Electro- Mechanically Optimized Woofer System provides powerful, detailed and extended bass response as the Model 3A Signature operates much more closely to the ideal than conventional ported or passive designs.

    The crossover in the Model 3A Signature is comprised of transient-perfect, first-order networks designed to preserve the phase integrity of the music. It is compensated to allow the drivers to operate in absolute phase with each other for more precise and stable imaging than in conventional multi-way speakers using out-of-phase drivers. The crossover's computer-grade components, including low impedance air-core inductors and high-quality film capacitors in the signal path, are hand soldered on a double-sided, plated-through PC board tested to insure less than 0.1dB deviation from a reference circuit. Like all Vandersteen Signature Products the crossover is hand tweaked with the speaker in an anacoic chamber into matched pairs. Custom 6N wire with polypropylene dielectric is used for internal wiring to maximize signal transfer.

    The crossover is engineered for bi-wiring with a stereo amplifier or passive vertical bi-amplification with two identical stereo amplifiers. Inputs are heavy-duty screw terminals.

    The baffles holding the drivers on the Model 3A Signature are as small as possible to eliminate virtually all of the early reflections that affect dynamic speakers with conventional flat or low diffraction baffles. Reducing both early reflections and edge diffraction improves the imaging and enhances the openness and transparency of the speaker.

    The Model 3A Signature's enclosure is constructed of 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick MDF, an advanced material that resists vibration and reduces cabinet resonances. Broad-spectrum, low-Q resonances are controlled so as to cancel rather than become additive.

    The Model 3A Signature uses the proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design to optimize the dispersion and transient accuracy of the drivers while maintaining the input signal's time and phase integrity. The drivers, their positioning and their associated minimum baffles were developed with the aid of FFT computer analysis to minimize diffraction, cone break-up, multi-driver interference and out-of-band phase irregularities. The construction, alignment and positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position.

    The Aligned Dynamic Design is used due to its many potential advantages:

    • Precise, three-dimensional imaging and a wider listening area.

    • A greater flexibility of placement options within the listening room and better transient response.

    • A high level of genuine transparency and detail typical of planar speakers without the distortions and response variations of multi-directional dynamic loudspeakers.
    • Increased efficiency and improved dynamic range.

    Each Vandersteen Audio Model 3A Signature undergoes rigorous testing and retesting during each phase of construction. Each driver and crossover is tested for proper operation and computer matched to within 0.1dB. After final assembly, each pair is high-power sweep tested for structural integrity and FFT computer analyzed for correct response and performance compared to a model reference. This intense commitment to product quality and reliability is unsurpassed in the audio industry.

    Music is pure in its dimensions. Vandersteen loudspeakers are true to the original dimensions of the music. They preserve its carefully crafted proportions and weight. They accurately convey the composition, shading and timing that build an involving experience. They reveal the power, the authority, the subtlety and the intimacy of the music.

    This dimensional purity is the essence of the Model 3A Signature. It allows them to recreate the music's original scope and passion. You hear deeper into the music and better understand the feelings forming its foundation. You become more involved in the music as its complex inner structure is revealed with increased clarity and realism.

    At Vandersteen Audio, we believe that these qualities are fundamental to your enjoyment of your music. We are pleased to have embodied these qualities in a speaker whose simple, but elegant, physical presence complements the decor of your listening room. We are devoted to continue building distinguished loudspeakers that make a statement about the importance of music in your life.

    Model 3A Signature Specifications


    1” Exclusive Dual-Chamber, Transmission-Line Loaded, Ceramic-Coated Alloy Dome with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling


    4.5” Reflection-Free Tri-Woven Composite Cone with Die-Cast Aerodynamic Basket and Magnet System with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling


    Active Acoustic Coupler

    10” Dual-Spider Aluminum Alloy Cone with Die-Cast Basket, Heavy-Duty 1.5” 4-Layer Voice Coil with Ventilated Aluminum Former, 60 oz. Magnet Structure with Focused-Field Pole Piece and Copper Rings


    Recommended Amplification

    Frequency Response

    26Hz – 30kHz +/- 3dB

    30Hz-22kHz +/- 1.5dB


    87 dB, 1 meter/2.83 volt input


    6 ohms nominal 4 ohms minimum


    First order/6dB per octave, 80Hz, 600Hz, 5kHz

    Input Terminals

    Barrier strips, 7/16" max width

    Dimensions (WHD)

    16” x 48” x 10.25”


    90 lbs. Ea. Net

    Country of Manufacture

    Made in the USA
    • DeoxIT Gold G100L

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I'm not using the Chord DAC anymore because the balanced circuit does not sound as good as my cheap Cambridge audio.  I'm using the Chord with RCA outputs on a separate solid state system.




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