Another system update,  I bought a Moon 240i integrated amplifier and a Marantz SA-8004 SACD player.  All my MF gear went upstairs  into the HT system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Moon by Simaudio 240i
    Integrated Amplifier/DAC
    • ProAc Response 2.5
    • Marantz SA-8004
    SACD/CD player
    • Rega RP3
    • Ortofon 2M Bronze
    Phono Cartridge
    • Cardas Quadlink 5C Power Cords
    Power Cables.
    • Cardas Parsec Digital Cable
    Digital cable
    • Cardas Clear USB Serial Buss
    USB Cable
    • Tara Labs RSC Reference Generation 2
    Speaker Cable
    • QED XTUBE XT400 Bi-wire Jumpers

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Nice setup!  How do you like the Cardas Cross with your Proacs?  I'm planning on using the same with my Proac d18.  Thanks and take care.


Thanks Ron.  ProAc has won me over with these speakers, Hopefully someday I'll be able to upgrade to one of their newer models.


Very nice system, clean and simple... bet it sounds great! I have always loved Proac and have owned the Response 5's, the 1sc's and just recently purchased the D30r's. I have around 100 hours on them so far and couldn't be happier.


Could be the newer ProAc D30r  port design not interacting with the room as much.  Hard to say.   Curious to know what you think of them after you do audition them.


I love Fleetwood Mac too! I am thinking that it is the odd shape of the room that is helping you tame the sound. Thanks for the feedback on ProAcs. They are on my list of speakers to audition - the newer ProAcs. I still wonder, there was a audiogoner who owned the newer ProAc D30R, who said that bass was not as good in his room. I am guessing, he either did not set them up correct or the components did not go well with his ProAcs.


Thanks Milpai,  the ProAcs are actually mahogany ,  the camera  exaggerated the reddish hue of the wood a wee bit.

The room is an odd shape,  19 feet long and 14 feet wide at the system end,  then approximately  8 feet towards the listener it narrows to 11 feet wide.   

Bass on the 2.5's  can be a little too much at times but moving my chair out 2 more feet off the rear wall balances  it up nicely while still allowing the lowest  notes to come through in full measure.  The room itself is pretty dead and high frequencies seem open and airy,  though  I did notice one or two discs that had a sibilance  issue but it may be partly be the recording, they were both Fleetwood Mac discs....Rumours and another I can't remember.  

Overall I couldn't be happier with them . I wish I could've heard them 15 years ago.   


Beautiful room and nice colors. The ProAcs look beautiful in that setup. Very nicely done. How big is your room? How is the bass and treble response form these ProAcs in your room? Is that the Rosenut color on the ProAcs?


Thanks,  getting tired of the red color paint though :)




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