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Dimensions: 14’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty
    • Ayre Acoustics VX-5 Twenty
    Power Amplifier
    • Wilson Audio Sabrina
    • Linn LP12
    Turntable with Karousel, Ekos SE, Trampolin 2, Lingo 4,Greenstreet sub-chassis, vdH Frog Lo and Linn Kandid,
    • Linn Ekos SE
    • Linn Kandid
    Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge
    • Dan Clark Audio Ether2
    • Transparent Audio Balanced Music Link Plus
    Transparent Audio Balanced Music Link Super and Plus interconnects
    MusicLink Plus speaker cables
    PowerLink AC Cords
    • Pass Labs XP-15
    Phone Preamp
    • Synology DS1515+
    5 Bay NAS, RAID 1, 4GB Link Aggregation
    • Woo Audio WA-22
    Tubed headphone amp with Svetlana Power tubes, Psvane regulator, Tung Sol driver tubes
    • Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty

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What a beautiful room and system, great job.


Wonderful top tier system.
Is that a Klimax LP12 turntable? Does the Pass phono preamp surpass Linn's own for the Klimax w/ Kandid system?


@AG - I chose the sunology because of its 4x Gig Ethernet ports that support link aggregation (in combination with a managed switch). This is VERY noticeable in how quickly tunes start streaming, and how quickly album art fills in on an iPad or laptop when using music control software. Also great when streaming high res tunes and HD video at the same time. Another factor - upgradeable to 4Gb of RAM.


Nice to see a well-setup room!  Looks great


Very nice!  Love the Synology too.  Have you tried any other NAS'?  What made you pick that one?




The Sabrina is a beautiful speaker. It is on my must demo list.
Wonderful photos of your system. Happy Listening!


Very nice looking system!  I really like the look of the low-slung 2-shelf rack.  Is it really an IKEA?


Very sofisticate system. 
Just let me to give you my experience. I have used Sasha I during 8 month. In my personal opinion there are a big difference between the old tweeters and the new silk tweeters for Sasha II. 


Beautiful system and room, That cheap assed IKEA looks nice too :-)

I bought a Philips hue light system after seeing this, I've  never heard of them before.


Awesome system!
Enjoy it, congratulations!


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it does sound nice - I actually replaced a pair of Wilson Sasha Series 1's w/ the Sabrinas. Proof that the 'best' speaker isn't always the biggest or most expensive, but rather the one that works best in your room. 

The system is versatile as you mention - the Linn Akurate digital streamer means that anyone can stream their own tunes in there from an iDevice. Although it's not the highest fidelity, I have found that it's still much better sounding than most folks have heard their own music sound, so it can still introduce folks to good sound. And then you put on the vinyl version of what they just played, and minds get blown. 

Custom printed acoustic treatment is next, using some of my daughter's photographs. And the WiFi lights, although I'm sure they add some noise into the system, are more than worth it for the mood setting and overall experience (they can change w/ the music using the proper iPhone app). 


That is a cool room you have there. And some very nice gear. I am sure it must sound wonderful to be in that room playing some nice music.
That Ikea rack looks excellent in your setup!


Nice well thought out


Clen, simple, solid, versatil, great system.


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