Good budget system comprised of used gear that soundstages pretty well despite an L-shaped main room. Ocean Way Audio Eurekas (..not really that 'budget') are a new addition and have great dynamics for a (quite large) bookshelf with a refined top and very good imaging. The Aleph 3 is driven DAC direct in the winter while the W4S monos take advantage of the Rogue preamp during the summer, and are a good impedance match. Investment is currently around 9200usd including the tube inventory at original purchase price (there are 2-3 more like tubes under each in that Pelican case). The NOS tubes in that case are probably now worth more than the speakers and electronics at this point, however. The Rogue Preamp began life as a Métis Magnum but at this point has had so many modifications and upgrades from Rogue's engineers it's a one-off with excellent detail and sound staging given its very low noise floor and the dynamics of the original designs unbuffered 6SN7's. The original Métis was also very dynamic but quite noisy. Not this one.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Ocean Way Audio Eureka
    Very large time-aligned 2 way speaker using SB acoustics drivers. Designed by famous sound engineer Allen Sides (whose projects have included much larger systems for Skywalker Sound's scoring stage and the AeroWave system for Santa Barbara's Granada Theater).
    • Wisdom Audio SCS
    Transmission line subwoofer using a DSpeaker Anti-mode2.0 for DSP. Not going to rattle the walls unnecessarily, but very fast and very deep. A good match to the NEAR's, having crossed them over passively at ~80hz and 3/4 restriction of the ports with lamb's wool material. Basically, a significant improvement over a resonating box's rear port. Integration done with the LARSA app on an iPad.
    • DSpeaker Anti-mode 2.0
    Subwoofer room correction DSP. The Wisdom SCS uses an unusual transmission line design so DSP is absolutely required.
    • Pass Labs Aleph 3
    A bit more 'shove' than the First Watts offer into 4-6ohms (which I need with my speakers), and w/ Vandersteen's M5-HP passive crossovers, they have even more control, but still sounds cohesively natural.
    • Vandersteen M5 HP High Pass filters
    Helps the Aleph perform with 86db speakers. Jumpers set to cutoff at approx 80hz.

    Upper bass control and sound staging is greatly improved because I am able to restrict most of the rear port and the amp isn't troubled with sub bass frequency. A DSP is used to bring in the Wisdom Audio subwoofer at 80hz.
    • Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD
    Using PS Audio Lan Rover ethernet.
    • Wyred 4 Sound sx500 monoblocks
    Summer amps.. dark but still very detailed. Not quite the 'whole cloth' sound staging that the Aleph3 offers, but nothing troubles them and they still have a smooth, sinewy character that's easy on the ears.
    • Rogue Audio Métis Super Magnum 'Black'
    Factory modded to Super Magnum by Rogue, and custom matching anodized knobs and stainless hardware was retrofitted. NOS Tung Sol VT-99's (with adapters) dropped the noise floor to all but inaudible while keeping all the goodness of the VT-231's. A great paring to Wyred's early Class D.. weaves it all together.. great depth.
    • Harmonic Technology Speaker Cables, Interconnects
    se & balanced
    • Nordost Speaker cables, Interconnects
    Blue Heaven

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