7.1 System 3 Krell FPB 250MC mono blocks powering front stage, JBL Ti10K's, Krell KAV 250a3's for rear and side speakers and 1 Krell 3250 with 2 channels powering JBL S36AW Outdoor speakers and Marantz AV8801 
Since this picture I have removed the Sunfire EQ Signature Sub. Contemplating JL audio SUB, but no real need. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 14’

Components Toggle details

    • Krell FPB-250mc
    3 Krell FPB 250mc's
    • JBL TI-10k
    Beech Quad-wireable
    • Krell KAV-3250
    • Krell KAV-250a x3
    2 KAV-250a3's
    • JBL PC-600
    • Marantz Av 8801
    Working as 7.1 with Second zone outside (JBL S36AW)
    • JBL S36AW
    Outdoor speakers
    • Tara Labs RSC Ref 2+ spk

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Nice system.  Those JBLs are a very elegant looking design.  I have been researching (and drooling over) some of their pro designs, particularly the M2 masters.  I am sure it sounds fabulous.


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