Update as of August 20th 2018

Now using more powerful Olympia AX Monoblock

Upgraded to PBN Olympia-P Phono preamp.

Amazing combo with new amps and Phono preamp...very happy :)

New turntable added to system today...insane!  A true reference turntable, best of the best.  Super happy!

Got moved into new dedicated listening room.  Loving the setup!  PBN Master Reference Speakers have incredible bottom end bass (with 4 18'' woofers).  Mids and highs sound terrific as well.  

Extremely happy with the way my systems sounds these days.

Had a chance to listen to some master tapes on the Otari recently and was really impressed with the capabilities of my tape player.  The source material definitely makes a huge difference.

Very pleased with the Koetsu cartridge on the VPI table.  Amazing music reproduced from analogue front end.  Since switching to fully balanced from the junction box on the VPI to separate channels through dual Liberty Phono Preamps, big improvement (vs single ended and stereo through one preamp).  The Vibraplane took performance up a notch too (plus it looks cool).

The PS Audio DSD is amazing.  Different sound vs. analogue, but convenient and so good too!  I followed Paul McGowan's advise on how to set-up the MacMini for the music server.  DSD source content is amazing through the DAC.

PBN Sammy with PBN EB-SA1 are perfect match.  The Sammy speakers are unbelievably great and a true value in high-end audio.  I have heard many much more expensive speakers that can not touch the performance of my Sammy Loudspeakers.  The reference sub fills in just a little bit at the very lower end of the spectrum.  

PBN LX Preamp is phenomenal also.  Again, great match with all of my other PBN gear.

Just got Ultrasonic Cleaner...amazing!  Went with a Vinyl Spin and 40KHZ unit from ebay.  It cleans 3 records at a time.  Following Harry Weisfield's advise with US clean first and then vacuum clean on the VPI 16.5 after.  Lots of great information in Harry's corner in the VPI forums.  More to come on my observations after this cleaning methodology.  But for now, huge difference.

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • PBN Audio Groovemaster Vintage Direct DN-308 Professional
    Peter's latest masterpiece.  Based on the legendary Denon 308.  Truly the best of the best Bar None.

    Comments to follow.
    • VPI Industries HRX
    • Koetsu Urushi Wajima
    • Montana Loudspeakers, a Division of PBN Audio, LLC Sammy
    Full Range Loudspeaker
    • PBN Audio EB-SA1
    • PBN Audio LX
    • Montana Loudspeakers, a Division of PBN Audio, LLC Reference Sub
    • PS Audio DSD
    Direct stream DAC
    • PBN Audio Liberty B2B-1 Phono Preamp
    1 for each channel,
    Fully Balanced
    • Kinetic Systems Vibraplane
    2210 Active
    • Otari MX-5000 mkII
    Picked up like new reel to reel.
    • Montana Loudspeakers, a Division of PBN Audio, LLC Master Reference
    • Billy Bags Design Component Stand
    3 Billy Bags component stands plus 2 amp stands
    • SME 312S
    New arm for the Groovemaster
    • PS Audio P-10
    P-10 Power regeneration
    • Cardas Audio Golden Reference speaker cables
    1.5m Bi-Wire
    • PBN Audio OLYMPIA-AX


    The PBN OLYMPIA AX is designed to exceed the very highest standards within high-end audio engineering and technology. The AX offers the most natural and unstrained musical reproduction attainable at present and for years to come. The PBN OLYMPIA AX is the ultimate in sound reproduction.

    The PBN OLYMPIA AX, introduced in 2004 and enhanced in 2005, is the flagship model in the PBN OLYMPIA series. The PBN OLYMPIA AX weighs 93 kilos, due to its exceptional build quality. The AX features a powerful 4000 VA powersupply, 40 output devices and numerous Caddock resistors. The PBN OLYMPIA AX utilizes Teflon printcards only. The choice of components reflects the fact that the AX is a true non-compromise power amplifier. 

    A unique 75 ohms interconnect system is standard. The technical advantages and performance of this system is in a compeletely different league than any traditional XLR or RCA interconnect system, which by the way is also delivered as standard for the convenience of high compatibility.

    • PBN Audio Olympia P
    • Fully differential All-FET circuit design. The Olympia-Pi is complete with MPS power supply featuring a 375VA transformer and 80,000 uF power supply capacitance  
    • Six resistive settings for moving-coil cartridge loading 
    • Four capacitive settings for moving-magnet load optimization 
    • Olympia-Pi features targeted use of Caddock™ Resistors
    • Super low-noise onboard voltage regulators
    • RIAA accuracy better than +/- .5 percent
    • MM gain 60dB, MC gain 70dB
    • Pre-amp: 19"W x 4.5"H x 15"D
    • Power Supply:  9.5"W x 4.5"H x 15"D

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How long did it take for your speakers to break in? Are they on a concrete slab? How far apart are they? Have you tried other electronics with them before landing on PBN Audio gear? Sorry for all the questions. I wish you lived closer so we could hook up.


Thanks. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. This is the first time I bought a speaker I had never heard before. It was on the advice of a friend who used Peter to build bass cabinets for a horn speaker build he’s doing. After watching  YouTube videos and reading reviews (I know you have to be cautious with reviews), I decided to roll the dice and buy a pair. Hopefully, they’ll be here by the end of the month. I live in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Are you here on the East Coast?


Hi Rob,

Are you still enjoying the Master Reference speaker from PBN Audio? I will be getting a pair of MR777 from PBN Audio in the next couple weeks (10/21). This will be my first speaker from them. Any tips or suggestions on how to properly set them up etc. would be greatly appreciated.