I live in a rather odd shaped Loft. I only have one side wall and that's all glass and sliding doors so I can not really effectively use room modifications there. the other side is open to the rest of the living space kitchen etc. I have 18" ceilings front wall that taper down to 16" at the back. my place to compound the issues is L shaped and i'm sitting beside a gas fireplace  in the crook of the L with another 12' behind me on the right side and the fire place next to me on the left. room treatment has been an issues and a compromise as this is the only living space. I will add pictures.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 18’

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh C 2700
     C 2700 preamp
    • McIntosh 275 Tube Amp mk5
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Dave
    Chord Dave DAC. 

    I got this on a trade deal with my Spendor D9.2's I was going to move it along to another person. and put the money back into speakers. but after a listen i don't think i can. just a great sounding DAC. now I'm hooked on Chord. 
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. 2go-2yu
    Chord 2go-2yu streamer and network bridge. I use this with the Dave. yup Digital front end now complete.
    • Acoustic Solid 113 bubinga
    • Sansui Tu 9900 tuner restored
    • Tri-Art Audio Open 5 Open, open baffle speaker system
    3 Way, 5 driver open baffle speaker system, featuring bamboo baffle, 18" sub bass, 15" mid bass, 8" full range midrange ( not run full range), soft dome tweeter and supper tweeter. external crossovers. 

    This is one speaker that's not very well know, but i moved from the Spendor D9.2's to these and at half the cost they smoked the Spendor's in all regards.
    • A/D/S L910 Speakers
    my vintage A/S/D L910's from the late 70's early 80's era fully restored with new tweeter and mid domes from Richard So. They will do until my speaker hunt is over, they are some of the better speakers form that era.

    speaker hunt over see above, but I'll never sell these they do so many things right and one of the smoothest speakers around. 
    • AudioNote UK An Cable 200/250 interconects

    99.99% pure silver 15 strand litz wire symmetrical interconnect

    With AN-GP-AG heavily silver plated RCA plugs


    • Siltech Cables FT-12 G3

    Speaker cables

    these are the rectangle core silver/gold cables that are arranged like a ribbon (flat)

    • AudioQuest various cables, RCA, Balanced, USB, etc
    • NVA Cables
    NVA out of the UK that are specifically made with very low capacitance (NVA amp's need that or they oscillate). I use them from time to time because they are some of the nicest copper interconnects I've tried.  ok I've not tried many but they were cheep I and I already own them ;-)

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"Did you buy the Sansui TU 9900 on the used market, I sold one to I think it was the Music Room about 3.5 years ago. Just curious if you ended up with it. Good looking system."

No i got it locally to me in Victoria BC Canada. I had it restored as well. 


Did you buy the Sansui TU 9900 on the used market, I sold one to,I think it was the Music Room about 3.5 years ago. Just curious if you ended up with it. Good looking system.


Would love to hear your thoughts on the difference between the Omegas and the Heresy IVs. Great looking system BTW!


What's up with the stacked Quads/Quad lls and the 301/Decca?


Very nice looking system and room!


What a beautiful room and system. Your plinth is spectacular. I have a Purpleheart clad with MDF interior under my Garrard 401. It's all I want or need.

Very nicely done! Regards,


The plinth on your Garrard 301 is beautiful. Nice system.


I like it ...
I use to sell luxman yrs ago ,i have had many of there pieces .


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